C.I. Works


DOB: August 24th, 1988

Height: 5'2"

Weight: Well...just about everyone I know can pick me up, so very light.

Status: Married

About: Well, there's not much to me. I'm simple and pretty average; just a tiny person. I like new experiences and last minute plans. Last minute plans lead to adventures and give you a funny story to share with those around you. Trying new things keeps your mind open and accepting to new concepts. Keeping your mind open helps you discover what type of person you are and what views of life you stand by. This is only my opinion. My favorite color is cerulean blue and because I can't choose a favorite, it is also mint green. I'm generally slow for drawing, reading, and getting various stuff done.

Now I'm not the best artist, and I don't plan on being the best either; I just plan on being good enough to share my stories. My works are listed below, and I hope you enjoy them!

I have various other hobbies that include crocheting, basic woodworking, cooking, and reading. I mostly crochet plush based on commissions, [so whatever my customer requests is generally what I make]. For reading, I enjoy a variety of generes; obviously since my art style shows it, manga is one of them. I also enjoy reading mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi.

I write and illustrate Prophesied, and I illustrate the Makings of Evil.