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This is an area for all the updates so that the homepage isn't so cluttered with updates. Enjoy!

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04-01-07: This is the Grand opening! We have two writers on our staff, hopefully more to come! For the grand opening, we have placed three works upon the site, (two comics, and a short novel), we hope that you enjoy them!
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05-01-07: Sadly, we are on haitus...we shall return soon with a new layout that will not take up too much screen space, and will be firefox capable. See you soon!
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07-17-07: Phewww...haitus was fun, (well not really, fiddling with image hosts, and firefox designs has never been so haunting in the night, and college is also a bundle of fun for everyone on our site...we all have issues...=TvT;=), but as promise, a new site that's friendlier to more browsers. =^^= We also have updates for you as a bonus: the next page for Prophesied
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08-22-07: We now have a favicon. It's that little image next to our url. Please enjoy it!
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06-03-08: Today we have a slew of updates for you. As many of you may have noticed, our url has changed. You can now reach us at one of two locations: http://kaselr.freeownhost.com/ciworks/home.html or http://www.ciworks.co.cc for your convenience. Also that's new is our layout. We've made it more simplistic so that there aren't a million different links to find what you want. Everyone's works have been placed on their profile page so that links of works don't clutter the site. We've also replaced our favicon to match the new layout. As for actual updates: The next page of Prophesied is up. We will continue to update as frequently as we can. Thank you for your support and patience!
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06-22-08: Okay, we have a couple of works in progress. The next pages of Prophesied and The Makings of Evil are on their way. Website layout has been slightly changed. The buttons operate faster now because we've added an image preload script to the layout. It has been tested and works perfectly. That's all for now, and there will be more soon! Enjoy!
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07-17-08: Today is only a minor website layout update; I'm sure you all have noticed it by now. Shortcuts! Anyways, there are not any actual updates today, but there will before the month is done. Prophesied pg 10 is almost done, TMOE pg 7 is halfway done, and there will also be new additions to the gallery. Prophesied pg 11 and 12 have been drafted so there should be fairly quick updates if all goes well. So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!
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07-24-08: Alright, we have a couple of updates:

  • Prophesied pg 10
  • 3 Gallery Images

    Tomorrow, there will be another update; The Makings of Evil, pg 7. We are also looking to bring some new material to the website, so just wait and see!
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    07-25-08: Okay, updates today:

  • The Makings of Evil pg 7
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    10-26-08: Well, I have to say that we'll have to be on hiatus again since the college is tolling. We'll have some stuff up in December hopefully; so don't fret! Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    12-15-08: Today is a layout update. Instead of cluttering the home page with a bunch of updates, I've made an archive of the updates. I'll make a map for the archive soon and I'm also going to maybe change the buttons for this site, (make 'em look spiffier). I will keep the archive under the home page update and no where else, (I personally don't think you'd want it anywhere else, would you?).
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    04-01-09: Today is an announcement update. Alright, so even though we don't update often because we're all really busy at the time, we're going to be bringing you another comic about zombies. The comic will be called Nightfall and will be similar to the makings of evil in that it will be written by Ben LeClair and drawn by A.L. So, it's main plot is that zombies have taken over the world and the world itself is dreary and hard to survive in; a group of young survivors are traveling across the country in this zombie infested world in to re-obtain a member of their group and flee to safety where there are no zombies.
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    01-17-10: Today is website layout update. I apologize for the lack of updates in the comic since there was only 1 update last year. Today though, we worked out a kink and added something new. As some of you may have noticed, with the new browser updates going around, the comic archive wasn't able to display. It has been reworked so that it is now viewable to everyone. The second is that we added a guest book for those that might have something they'd like to tell us and don't feel like signing up with our forums.

    On top of these two site updates, I'd like to let everyone know that we'll be reworking the forums layout, and that there should be quite a few new pages some time next month. So keep your fingers crossed and you eyes peeled everyone!
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    06-09-12: Progress Update: It's been a long time since there has been an update of any sort here on this site, but I'd like to start this up again. Some of you may be wondering why there hasn't been any updates. Prophesied has gotten a complete revamp and everything overhaul. Characters have been re-written, re-designed, and renamed. The story has taken a criticism beating to be re-worked for the better. Pages will be edited including dialogue, certain panels, and mirrored to read left to right. Why? Because the readers deserve better than what Prophesied was originally offering. Prophesied now has the potential to be more compelling, better drawn, and better written.

    What else is new?

  • A brand spanking new chapter 1 and 2 outline for Prophesied.
  • New forums. The old forum was deleted in exchange for a new domain name, but the layout is still the same.
  • More The Makings of Evil pages.

    That sounds awesome! When's this all coming?! This year, hopefully in a month or two. You will start to see changes to the gallery, some of the comic pages, and soon, new content all together.
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