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Troublesome Shadows

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Chapter 2 - Tears of Terror

Chapter 2 - Tears of Terror

Nanami headed home that night with a smile across her face. She was so excited to have made a new friend, well, her first friend. She soon reached home and realized that she had left her bag in the field. So much excitement occurred that she'd left it in the tree she had taken a nap in earlier. Nanami headed towards the field as fast as her tiny legs could carry her. Since the field was all the way on the other side of town, it took Nanami some time to get to it. When she had finally reached the field and found her bag, Nanami was out of breath. She slowly trudged home since the night air was warm and felt good on her soft skin.

As Nanami walked slowly through Konoha, she noticed someone following her. Starting to walk faster, Nanami told herself not to panic. The shadowy figure then revealed itself, blocking Nanami's path. It was a man; he was tall with short spiky white hair that fanned out near his shoulders. "W-who are you!" she asked with terror trickling through her voice.

"Why, you don't remember me, my dear?" said the tall figure.

Nanami stood there frozen as the man walked nearer.

"I'm the bounty hunter that sealed your parent's fate!" he said as Nanami had now fallen backwards onto the ground in fear and shock. "You're the only one left of your family, and I aim to make sure you are the last!" he continued. The man began to make some hand seals and then all of sudden froze on one.

"That's as far as you go," said a voice that Nanami was unfamiliar with. She noticed that there was a shadow-like hand crawling up the man's leg and soon had made its' way to his neck. She saw her attacker choke and then fall to the ground. Nanami gasped startled by the man's strange actions. He was dead. The other man, whom she hadn't recognized came forward and bent down on one knee and held out his hand, "Are you alright?" he asked. Still staring at the dead mans' corpse, Nanami began to cry. "There, there, it's alright, you're safe now," said the man. "Come on, you can stay here for the night and then we'll take you home," he said as he lifted Nanami onto his back, she was still sobbing.

They only walked for a little bit until they came upon a house, it looked familiar to Nanami, but she couldn’t quite place her finger on where she'd seen it before. A beautiful lady came to the door to meet the man, "What was all the ruckus?" she asked softly. "Yeah dad, what was it?" Nanami heard a familiar voice say. "There was an attack on one of the villagers, he had intent to kill this young child," motioning his head to Nanami on his shoulders. Someone else came to the door, "Nanami!" he screamed. It was Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru, you know her?" his dad asked.

"Yeah, I met her earlier today," Shikamaru replied.

"Well, since you two know each other, you can share your room Shikamaru," said his mother.
"What!" Shikamaru said shocked.

"Well it's late, so we don't have time to clean out the spare room," replied his father.

Shikamaru stared at both of his parents in disgust, "How troublesome..." he groaned and headed inside.

Nanami wondered if it was truly okay to be staying in the same room; Shikamaru seemed so displeased. Shikamaru's mother noticed the look of concern on her face, "Oh, don't worry, it's quite alright, he's always like that," she said. "Shikaku, quit standing there and bring her inside!" she said fiercely. He did so and set Nanami down to stand on her own two feet. "I'm Yoshino, Shikamaru's mother and that's Shikaku, Shikamaru's father," she said pointing to Shikaku. "If you need anything at all, our room is right up those stairs," Yoshino said pointing to the stairway. She grabbed Nanami's hand and led her down the hall, "This is Shikamaru's room, you'll stay here." She knocked on the door, "Shikamaru, I'm coming in okay?" she said as she slowly opened the door.

Shikamaru was already laying down and fast asleep, but he had laid down a spare bed on the floor. Yoshino gave an angry gasp and quickly went over to wake Shikamaru. She smacked him on the head, "SHIKAMARU! Be a gentleman and let her use your bed!" He groaned and rolled onto the floor, looking somewhat angry and partially annoyed. "Well, I hope you sleep well, remember, Shikaku and I are just upstairs if you need anything at all, and Shikamaru is right there. Shikamaru be nice!" she said. "Yeah, yeah," he replied as he rolled over in discontent since he only wanted to get some sleep. "Good night," Yoshino said as she shut the door. Nanami still stood at the door, somewhat unsure of whether to go over to Shikamaru's bed and sleep, or just stand there. "C'mon, just go to sleep, I got off the bed for you, the least you could do is use it," Shikamaru said impatiently. Nanami quickly crawled into the bed and pulled the covers over her.

The bed was comfy, but she didn't quite feel comfortable and then Nanami noticed she hadn’t changed her clothes. "Um...Shikamaru...?" she asked in a low timid voice.

"What?" he replied still annoyed that he hadn't gotten any sleep yet.

"Do you have a shirt and some shorts I could sleep in for the night?" Nanami asked.

Shikamaru sighed, "Yes..." he replied as he got up and rummaged through his dresser and pulled out a long shirt and some spandex like shorts to be sure they would fit Nanami. "These should do," he said as he handed them to her and lay back down on the floor. Nanami guessed that Shikamaru wouldn't budge anymore than he had to and didn't bother to ask him to leave the room. She covered herself with the blankets on her bed and began to change. He was right; the clothes fit her very well, even though his build was bigger than hers'. Nanami folded her clothes and laid them on the floor. She rolled over and began to drift into slumber.

As the night drifted on, she hadn't expected what was to occur next; then again, no one expects to be troubled by nightmares. Nanami shot up in a cold sweat as she panted from the fear. She realized it was only a dream but was overwhelmed with the horror of it and began to sniffle and sob. To better calm herself, she tiptoed over to the window and climbed out onto the tree just outside of it. Nanami was always calmed by forestry, even if it was just one tree. Since he was a light sleeper, Shikamaru heard the sounds coming from outside the window in the tree upon which Nanami sat.

"Something the matter?" he said as he sat up and propped his back against the edge of the bed.

Nanami said nothing; she was too shaken to speak.

Shikamaru gave a deep sigh, "You need some rest, you've been up all day," he said in an annoyed tone. As Nanami still sat there and said nothing, Shikamaru began to grow even more annoyed. He stood up, "...kage mane no jutsu," he muttered as his shadow stretched over to Nanami's. Shikamaru began to walk towards Nanami as she began to mimic and walk towards him. Forced by Shikamaru's technique, she was back inside the room. He let his jutsu fade when they were both only a foot apart from each other. "Bed," Shikamaru said annoyed that he actually had to take time from his own slumber to make sure that Nanami would get her own share of sleep.

Still horrified by her awful dreams, Nanami began to cry once more. Shikamaru sighed again; he hadn't any idea what to do with her, all she seems to do is cry he thought. He walked over to her, picked her up around the waist and put her over his shoulder. Then he proceeded towards the bed and sat her down on it, "Sleep!" he said still annoyed that he was even awake. Shikamaru sighed and sat on the bed, propped Nanami's legs on the bed, scooted her over and laid down next to her, "There, nothing will get you if I'm here," he said as he placed his hands behind his head and began to sleep. Nanami felt somewhat safer from her nightmares and curled into a ball next to Shikamaru and began to sleep a little more peacefully this time around.

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