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Graphics DesignTechnical Drawing IICommunications Technology IU.S. GovernmentFundamentals of Computer ArtIndependant Works

Graphics Design

The software used for this class was strickly Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector (non-pixelated) image rendering program.

Logo Design for Apostolic Connections
Flyer for School Play
Logo Design for Cardinale Sergion
Newspaper ad for Patriot News
Illustrator Comic Copy

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Technical Drawing II

The software used in this class were AutoCad, Solidworks, and Blender. AutoCad is a 1-Dimensional program used for architecture. Solidworks is very similar to AutoCad only it is a 3-Dimensional Program. Blender is an animation rendering program.

AutoCad Example
Solidworks Example
First Blender Animation
Final Project Blender Animation

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Communications Technology I

The software used in this class were Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Blender, Garageband, and Windows Movie Maker. Garageband is a music mixer program with a library of sounds included.

Image Ready Animation
Photoshop Original Logo
Flash Buttons
Flash Animation
Blender Animal Creation
Blender Fireworks Animation
Windows Movie Maker Commercial

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U.S. Government
Government Bill of Rights Project Cover

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Fundamentals of Computer Art

There were only two software used for this class: Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter

Illustrator Symbols Project
Illustrator Lyrics Poster
Illustrator Stamp Imitation
Painter Artist Imitation part 1
Painter Artist Imitation part 2

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Independant Works

These pieces I did in my spare time with the software I was most comfortable with. These are only a few samples to show my improvement.

Illustrator Work touched up in Photoshop
My Nephew's Birthday invitation done in Photoshop
An animated image drawn in Illustrator and animated through Image Ready
A business card made for my mother's water color gallery
CG Shading

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