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Duskull Collection

I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to duskull, but maybe it's because it's one of the cutest grim reapers I've ever seen? lol For the longest time duskull was a guilty pleasure collection of mine, so I just decided to say screw it and declare it one of my side collections xD;;

DUSKULL HAPPY MASCOT PLUSH I forget why I wound up getting the lot this plush was in, but it might have been me finally caving in to my love for duskull? xD;; Anyways, it was one of the first plush I got, but because it took me so long to update this website I have no idea which items I got first XD Oh well, it matters not lol.

DUSKULL MINI POKEDOLL KEYCHAIN These came out around halloween time along with some other stuff. This plush was the only thing I remember duskull getting by itself at the 2009 pokemon center halloween promotion. It's really cute because pokedoll stuff is always cute! xDD

DUSKULL JAKKS PLUSH I remember making an epic quest to find the toys'r'us on the west shore, [about thirty minutes away from my old home], got horribley lost and called my mom several times, but I found it. Unfortunately, I realized their stock was way behind the east shore, and I didn't want to waste the trip, so I bought the jakks plush of duskull. I later found out that jakks released two duskull plush, one with fuzzy fur and one with regular fabric. I was lucky to get the one that was fuzzy cause I love fuzzy stuffs =owo=

DUSKULL ZUKAN I was super lucky to catch this zukan piece by itself in a sales post on the comm. Most people that sell zukan keep them together, but I was fortunate to catch the duskull all by his lonesome :3 He's happy with the rest of my collections!

DUSKULL CLEAR KIDS FIGURE I don't remember where I got this one, but I've always loved the idea of clear kids figures. They're just really nifty and I have to take a meme picutre some time xp

DUSKULL MEGABLOCK Megablocks are just fun, I mean, who doesn't love legos? I remember having a bunch of megablocks, but I think because I was so secretly in love with duskull as a collector that I just never posted it in my sales xD;;

DUSKULL MOVIE CHARM I had wished that duskull had a charm because I'm such a keychain/charm whore and I sorta got my wish with this. It's unfortunately attached to a volbeat, but it's still cute, right? =;v;=

DUSKULL MIGHTY BEAN I won this in a group auction and I want to say it was a japanese release because I remember seeing some of the mighty beans on yahoo japan. It's horribly unbalanced but that's what makes it fun, right? xD;

DUSKULL STAMP This stamp came in a set of three and was part of one of the movie promotions. It's really tiny because it was cased in a container that was meant to be a keychain.

DUSKULL GASHAPON FIGURE I really like this figure because of the clear base. It's one of the most interesting duskull figures there is =0w0=

DUSKULL RETSUDEN MAGNET I saw it a couple of times on y!j before I was collecting duskull and then when I started collecting duskull, I never saw it again XDD Luckily it popped up in a sales post on the comm and it was pretty cheap, so I win :D

DUSKULL HASBRO FIGURE I had to buy the set, but it was the cheapest I've seen the set, so I sucked it up and bought both XD I think it's cute that it's much darker than all the other figures that duskull has =0w0=

DUSKULL POKEBALL KEYCHAIN Well this evaded me for some time XD I was on ebay a lot, but just not the right price and then someone was buying sets with pokeball keychains that had duskull. I totally forgot about it, paid late and never got the item =;v;= Then it popped in a sales post and it was an awesome price; all was right with the world XD

DUSKULL POKEDEX FIGURE Even though it didn't come with it's base, I still decided to get it because it's getting harder and harder to find pokedex figures of gen 3 :\ I was glad to spot the duskull and identify it before anyone else could xD shiny_vulpix wasn't exactly sure what the duskull was, but picture they'd taken of the bottom of the figure confirmed it was a pokedex figure and I'm so glad I finally got one! Maybe if I get a mint one, I'll repaint this one shiny ;D

DUSKULL FIGURE MAGNET Duskull Magnet! =>w<= I was going to buy it on y!j but then it turned up in someone's sales, so I jumped right on that xD

DUSKULL POKEMON CENTER CHARM [2012] DUSKULL CHARM!!!! from gin's run :3 notice how it's NOT stuck to a volbeat? ;D notice how AWESOME it is by itself? Yeahhhhh, I was super psyched for this charm before it came out and was in my hands xD;;

DUSKULL FLATS For flats, I have a pokedoll sticker, an amada sticker, and some other kind of random sticker :D Yay for stickers! I also have a pog and battrio =0w0=

CUSTOM DUSKULL PLUSH This plush was made by me. It's fully made out of yarn, no wires or felt; I take great pride in that I don't use any other material besides YARN and stuffing. I actually made this pretty quick and I'm such a fan of duskull that I just decided to keep it xD;; I'm so awful that I don't wanna share lol.

CUSTOM DUSKULL BOTTLE FIGURE This was made by jirachi-chan and was the second half of my art trade for a shiny yamask plush. It was really cute and has like a powder that inside that gives it a spooky effect =0w0=