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Ah Eevee, I have to admire Eevee because without it, there wouldn't be my favorite eeveelution =^^=

EEVEE BOTTLE This thing is adorable, and I loves it! =>w<= I've been asked what it's purpose may have been, but I'm just not sure since it's so tiny. Nothing would really be able to fit inside it save for maybe the pokemon center charms or perhaps the chibi flareon figure? I don't know, but I like it anyways. I bought this from the floaroma pokemart and it is part of an official set of glass jars from 1999.

EEVEE NINTENDO 1998 KEYCHAIN I got real lucky and found this really old keychain on ebay from germany. I hadn't expected to get my hands on it, but stranger things have happened I suppose. =^^=

EEVEE PIN I got this in a group of pokemon pins on ebay, but I think it's bootleg since it's more of a gold/orange color than anything else. It's detail in comparison to other pins I've seen also leads me to that conclusion, but eh...I got it for a dollar roughly when I divide the cost of the lot it came in.

EEVEE CLIPPING METAL KEYCHAIN I got this one from lastletter and I really adore this one since it's kinda like a pin. Pins and keychains have always been a favorite knick knack of mine to collect; don't know why, I just do. =0w0= They fascinate me I guess lol.

EEVEE POKEBALL KEYCHAIN I had one when I was younger, but I think it was lost in the move from my apartment to my house when I was I bid on it on ebay and won, yay! =0w0= The only thing is that the pokeball doesn't shut and close as easily as I remeber my original one. Ah well, I'll just keep it in the pokeball open since I don't want it to get tattered I probably won't take it off the shelf and have a need to close the pokeball.

EEVEE KESHI FIGURES These came from floaroma pokemart as well. I really like the texture of these little things, and the detail isn't lacking either, which makes them even better. =^^= The red one and the little teal one came from eevee-kins =^^= The newly added metallic red one was won in an auction run by unknownrevenge. The yellow and metallic blue ones came from yahoo japan lots.

EEVEE KEYCHAIN I'm not sure where this one came from, and it's a bit tattered, but I like it. It's about as big as the tomy flareon keychain I have, so I'm inclined to believe that it might be a tomy keychain, but I'm not certain. It came from a lot in yahoo japan. It was a massive and expensive lot, but I think it was worth it.

EEVEE HAIR TIES These hair ties are much more tiny than I'd expected, but they're still adorable and because they're my favorite color and have eevee, I had to get em. They were on ebay and currently still are =0w0=

EEVEE PIN This pin had been sitting in a lot of pins for like two or three years. I sat there and stared at it and finally decided to buy it XD I put the pin next to the bootleg pin so everyone could see the difference. I think I'll keep the bootleg pin though since it makes me chuckle when I compare it to the official one.

EEVEE 1997 CARDASS CARD This card came from an auction from yaoi_queen. It's part of the 1997 cardass set from bandai I believe. It's super expensive on Ebay, like $30-$50 and hard to come by since it's so old. This card was in such perfect condition, it was astounding! I had never seen the back of the card before, but man did I want that card more after I got a glimpse; the back of the card is the closest I get to having the other three eeveelutions to match the set. I love this card so much and can't wait to get the others should I get the chance! =~w~=

EEVEE RED RUBBER STAMP The first 150 original pokemon each got one of these stamps. This stamp is a united states product. It was manufactured by roseart somewhere in the 1995 - 1999 range I believe. Usually the stamps came with a plastic art container of ash or pikachu, and a roseart stamp pad. Only the first 150 were manufactured, (which is a shame, because espeon is my favorite =TvT;=), but no matter, they're still nifty little knick-knacks that I like and am glad to have in my collection. This one came from killerjaw01 and I wasn't quick enough to claim the other eeveelutions, but I'm glad to have gotten eevee at least =^^=

EEVEE WINKING KID FIGURE I think this is one of the few kids figures that I admire for the eeveelutions. Pictures just don't do this little on justice; it's just too adorable in person and I'm glad I found it in a lot on yahoo japan for a decent price =^^=

EEVEE BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE The eevee battle museum figure comes in the same set that espeon does, and it was just so cute, I decided that I should keep it =^^= It makes me chuckle a little bit too because the hearts freaked out my fiance. So, it's officially got a special memory which means it's there to stay XD

EEVEE METAL KESHIMON I was extremely lucky to come by this cutie in a set. I went to go bid on it and couldn't because the seller didn't accept deputy services, so in a desperate effort, I posted to the community asking if anyone had a middle man that I could borrow or that they knew of for me to use. I got many replies saying good luck, but not much else. Then I received a message from fernchu regarding the matter, and to my surprise she was able to get brianjapan to get a hold of the set this cutie came in! I was so grateful and still am to all who helped me get the set this tiny thing came in, (fernchu, roll-chan, and brianjapan!), thanks so much you guys!

EEVEE CLIP HUGGING FIGURE I only ever saw this in someone else's collection once, I believe it was fernchu, but I'm not certain. I couldn't see it real well, and I hadn't had any intention of getting it till I got a better look. I found it in some random lot, and decided, why not? It's cute. Then I got it, and it's really adorable; definitely worth the purchase =0w0=

EEVEE SUCTION CUP FIGURE This thing is so stinking adorable; too adorable for its own good XD I stuck it to various things when I got it and giggled all the while. I'm sure any of my more normal friends would have been like, '...and you're how old now little girl?' I might say 3 just because I can to spite them =>v<= but, as far as I'm concerned, 20 is still young and has plenty of room for childishness. This little guy had been sitting on yahoo japan for a while, disappeared for a bit, and then came back, so I bought it the second time around.

EEVEE METAL SWING KEYCHAIN I was so lucky that I came by this in a set the one day while browsing yahoo japan and was like...'I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS AN EEVEE ONE TOO!' It leads me to believe that all of the eeveelutions may have gotten a metal swing keychain since I've seen some second gen keychains floating around the community. So, I'll definitely be on the look out for em! =0w0=

EEVEE LAYING DOWN FULL COLOR STADIUM FIGURE This eevee stadium figure is my favorite, not only because it comes on a base, but because of it's unique pose. I've almost never seen eevee laying down because it's either standing or sitting. So this figure is just absolutely precious to me =^^=

EEVEE MARBLE HAH! I FINALLY GOT YOU, YOU BLASTED EVASIVE MARBLE!!! This darn marble was so hard for me to get a hold of it's not even funny, (well...maybe a little XD ). The only thing that irritates me about getting this marble is that when I bought it off ebay, there were five different lots listed at the same time with an eevee marble in it...I was like, ''ve got to be shitting me, right? RIGHT?!!' XD All that stalking of ebay for like seven months was so worth it! This little marble is so gorgeous and it's in great condition. I'm so glad I finally found it =~w~=

EEVEE DOMINO I bought this from wandaromance. I thought it was just funny that they made pokemon dominoes, so this item makes me chuckle kind of like the band-aids. It's always interesting to see what merchandise pokemon comes on. Even though it makes me chuckle, that doesn't make it any less cut than it is; it's stinking adorable! XD

EEVEE PHONE STRAP I didn't think I'd come across this like ever. It was in a post on the community from two years ago =0~0= and then it popped up in jedi_amara's massive sales/auctions. I was like, hot damn! I thought there would be a bid war for this thing, but I only had one other bid against me *shrugs* I'm not complaining, it was just surprising XD I do love it though; it has a very unique design. I thought it would be similar to the pokemon center charms, but it was pretty different from what I expected. It was flatter, not double sided, and it was a different style all together from the pokemon center charms. I am quite content to have it in my collection though =^^=

EEVEE POKEMON TIME STRAP This thing is so adorable and brand new from the pokemon center! There were several pokemon time charms brought out to promote heart gold and soul silver for my lucky year of 2009 =0w0= (nine is just my lucky number and it's saved my but quite a few times in auctions XD ) This charm is so stinking adorable that it's got a cuteness overload. I wasn't sure if there would be enough of these charms to go around on the community, but a select few members really pulled through for the rest of us on the community with pokemon center runs. Their struggles in those pokemon center runs will always be much appreciated; I know that I do, and so many other members were so happy and grateful. This charm came from afterheaven.

EEVEE POKEDEX FIGURE I coveted this figure so much after trying to order it and only getting the cardboard =TvT;= I finally got the gumption to reorder from a different seller and swore that if I just got the cardboard again that I wouldn't pursue the figure anymore. I finally received the figure I was hoping to get the second time around; [thank goodness for that! there woulda been some serious hell to pay if I'd got just the cardboard instead XD ] I really do like the way this figure was done; its texture and detail were worth the wait =TvT=

EEVEE TFG PEARL VERSION I won this in a auction on the community held by Rocket_chick. It was a bit pricey to me at the time until I ventured to ebay for a price check...I felt very fortunate to get it for the price I did and felt it was fair. This figure is full of so much epic win and I can't wait to get the crystal version!

EEVEE MUSIC BELL I thought I'd lost this bell when I was fiercely outbid for the lot it was in on yahoo japan, but when it resurfaced in a sales post from shibahara, I jumped on that bell like it was nobody's business XD This thing has such a wondrous sound and although it's pink, I still love it very much as I do with most bell items =^^=

EEVEE MINICOT I won this in a bid war from kefanii and it's super cute like most minicots =>w<= Some day I'll have the flareon and vaporeon too, but for now it's just eevee and jolteon.

EEVEE CHOU GET I've been very patiently waiting to get one of these, and I finally did =TwT= I'd actually purchased it the first day they came out, which is why I didn't partake in the 50 group auctions held to obtain them XD It's very detailed and the images just don't do this cutie justice; it's just one of those things you have to see right there in your hands.

EEVEE/STARMIE CLIP KEYCHAIN Yeah, I took off the starmie...what?! it looked weird D< and if anyone wants the starmie, you're welcome to it. This keychain is really hard to obtain I'd guess since it was like $40 when fees were all said and done =TvT;= I haven't actually taken the time to look at little paper that came with it, but it's very different from the other clip keychain I own, so this item was a very last minute decision because they're still kinda hard to tell apart =^^;=

EEVEE ACCESSORY CLIP Yay! I finally found this thing =>w<= It's tinier than I'd expected, but it's also more awesome because it's double sided like the pokemon center charms! It's a very fascinating item and it was worth the wait =^^=

EEVEE PLAYSET FIGURE I think I got this from floroama pokemart, but I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come across one since it wasn't really a mainstream set of figures. I'd seen them a couple of times on the community and I was fortunate to get both the leafeon and the eevee =^^=

EEVEE WALKY PLUSH I thought it might actually walk, but it's just got walking charms that go with it, which is fine =0w0= It's very soft and I do love it; this cutie came from sunyshore =>w<=

EEVEE CANVAS I'd bought all my canvas plush separately on yahoo japan because I was really poor when they came out. Eevee is one of my favorites out of the canvas plush series because of the different fabric used for its white fluff which is very very soft! I'm glad that I was able to get all the canvas plush at decent prices before they became ungodly expensive =0A0;=

EEVEE BATTLE PENCIL I got this from y!j in a set of gen 1 battle pencils and was surprised to find all the evolution extensions =0w0= Battle pencils have designated attacks and misses depending on which side of the pencil lands face up when you roll it. So who wants to play a battle of luck? takers? xDD
CRYSTAL EEVEE TFG I found this on ebay hidden pretty well. It wasn't in a few standard searches or at least not right on top anyways. I'd only ever seen a few pictures of this figure and for the longest time, I just saw every crystal figure but this one xD;; So I was super estatic to not only find this grail on ebay, but at the price of $16!! To me, that is always just amazing to get a grail cheap like that. This figure is so beautifully crafted and I really do love it =;w;=