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Eeveelutions Collections

This page is for the group stuff that eeveelutions are depicted together.

EEVEELUTION DS GAME CASES These came from snowball21. I believe they're from the pokemon center in japan, but I'm not sure if they were part of that promotional merchandise from that big event in january or not. Nonetheless, they're still awesome!

LEAFEON/GLACEON/EEVEE VERTICAL DS CARRY POUCH This pouch came from yahoo japan and I ordered a horizantal version that's slightly different, but that one never came through, so I'm glad I got this one! =^^=

EEVEELUTION POKEMON CENTER CHARMS These charms were the first things that I put on my list to get and they're also what got me curious to see what else was out there with eeveelutions on them. Boy is my wallet empty now XD So, these charms are precious to me in a sense that they rekindled my love for the eeveelutions. The jolteon one came from yahoo japan, I thought I was getting the set for $20, but the seller had listed them individually, so I just got jolteon...for $20 bucks...crap XD but I bought the rest from snowball21 and everything was right in the world because I have the set now =^^= ( a massively expensive set...=>3>= )

1ST GENERATION EEVEELUTION LUNCH TIN This tin is the epidomy of awesome for the first generation eeveelutions. I never expected to get this...EVER...but I was very fortunate to be right there as soon as it was posted in a sales by kanagosa. I could have claimed more things in that sales post if I hadn't been so stunned that I'd gotten that tin XD

EEVEE/ESPEON/UMBREON ZUKAN This zukan came from yahoo japan auctions and I got it for roughly $25 when it was all said and done. It's very well detailed for being so gosh darn tiny =0_o;= I was waiting for it to pop up at the right price and sure enough it did =0w0= So, I'm glad to have gotten it for my collection and I really admire the detail that goes into these little zukan =^^=

EEVEE/VAPOREON/JOLTEON/FLAREON ZUKAN This zukan is so coveted by eeveelution collectors, and I was highly fortunate to get it with out too much of a hassle at that. I had no opposing bids at 5000 yen, and I was certain that there would be a war for it. Perhaps everyone was poor at the time...? XD;;; After fees were all said and done it was about $75 and when I got it in the mail, the detail in each piece of this zukan had made it worth every penny. It's an absolutely stunning piece for any eeveelution collector to have and it really just takes my breath away because I just don't have the words to describe how awesome this zukan really is in my eyes.

EEVEELUTION DS HARDCASE COVER I got this in a trade from pikachux and boy was I surprised when I got it. I wasn't expecting this thing to just be as slim as paper =0_o;= I mean it's still awesome, but I always assumed that it was a hard plastic that was painted and clicked onto your ds XD;;

EEVEELUTION POKEMON CENTER CHARMS When it was announced that the entire johto pokedex was going to be release in these charms on November 11th of 2009, I was like yay eevees! As was any eeveelution collector =-v-;= I was very fortunate to get the entire set, [fortunate that I wasn't at work the time they were posted XD ] because these charms were sold out so fast that some people just flat out didn't get any =^~^;= Like vicious black friday shoppers or something XD but I got my set and I'm content because they're so pretty =*.*= I was surprised too because I thought they'd be the same as the leafeon and glaceon pokemon center charms I'd had already...but they were bigger. There was a significant difference in size by comparison; it's alright though, both are still very awesome ;)

ESPEON/UMBREON CHRISTMAS CHARM This charm is from the 2009 eeveelution december promotion that focused on umbreon and espeon, but still had some spiffy eeveelution things. This keychain was the one that I decided I would get out of all the promotional merch and it's really pretty. I'm very glad I decided on this one =^^=