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Espeon is my favorite of all the eeveelutions because it's awesome like that! =>w<=

ESPEON PENCIL TOPPER This is the espeon pencil topper that came in the same set as the umbreon pencil topper. I love the pencil toppers series because although these items are tiny, they're constructed with such awesomeness! I'm glad that my favorite has some really awesome merchandise.

ESPEON BANDAI FRIENDS PLUSH This thing is so tiny and loveable! I hadn't gotten any bids against this cute espy when I bid on it through yahoo japan. My first request to get it shipped from smj didn't seem to register, so when I did my next shipment request I made it clear that I hadn't receive my espeon plush. Thank goodness that the little note I left in the comments was all it took to get this cute ball of adorableness! =>w<=

ESPEON BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE This battle museum figure is adorable! I found two sets after seeing it in Roll-chan's group auction. I found a set that was the exact same as the group auction and another set that was more expensive. I bid on the more expensive set in case roll-chan wanted the other one that was cheaper. The set was priced at 2000 yen =;>>= it hurt my wallet a bit, but I knew roll-chan was a bit strapped for cash and wanted this espeon, so I bid on the higher set because I could afford to at the time. In any case, I paid more, but still got it =0w0= It's a stunning figure to have in my collection, and I'm glad to have gotten it.

ESPEON KID I got this in a trade for my spare glaceon crystal keychain from wandaromance. It's really cute and I'm glad that I got the opportunity to do my first full trade. I wasn't planning on collecting the kids figures, but there aren't many things of espeon, so I thought why not? It's definitely cute =0w0=

ESPEON BATTLE SQUARE This came from the same trade from wandaromance. I liked it at first glance, then looked at it later, and wasn't sure that I wanted it, but when I got it, I was certain that I loved it! XD Yeah, I'm fickle like that, what of it? It's still a square of awesomeness that I'm not parting with.

ESPEON TOMY KEYCHAIN I never thought I'd be so fortunate as to get this keychain...I owe a massively big thanks to roll-chan for trading her to me. This espeon is the hardest of the espeon merchandise to find so she is the pride and joy of my collection. She didn't have a the screw or keychain when I got her, but I was fully prepared for that since espeon isn't the first tomy keychain I've had to repair. I'd bought some 7/16 in eye screws that seem to be the perfect fit for tomy keychains and I fixed up espeon; she's as good as new and I'll always treasure her! I can't thank roll-chan enough for this stunning addition to my collection; I don't think I've got any words to really describe how thankful I am. I do know that she'll always be loved here in my collection.

ESPEON DOMINO I bought this from wandaromance along with the eevee domino; it's always nice to see espeon get more merchandise. She always seems to get the really unique stuff which is why collecting espeon is such a joy to me I think.

ESPEON ATTACK KID I was waiting for the right price to pop up on this figure, and sure enough my patience was paid off when I saw it in rikufied's sales. A picture just doesn't do this lovely figure justice; it rocks so much and I'm so glad to have it =>w<=

ESPEON POKEMON TIME STRAP I just about had a heart attack when this thing came out. I was like I NEED THIS NOW!!! XD It may be pink, but it's just so adorable and tiny =>v<= It's cuteness makes me squee. This charm came from afterheaven.

ESPEON CLEAR ATTACK KID This stunning kids figure is my first clear kid, and it sat in a lot of just over two hundred figures; it was a group auction full of epic wins! I was slightly disappointed that her left ear was missing paint entirely, but I was able to mend that with the help of some community members input on painting kids figures. She's really gorgeous and I hope to get the other clear espeon kid so that they can be clear buddies! :D

ESPEON BATTLE POG This thing is so snazzy with its sparkles and unique pose; I got it from pacificpikachu and although it took quite some time to get it, I was still ecstatic as ever when it finally came in the mail. =*v*= BEST POG EVER!

ESPEON CHOU GET I've been very patiently waiting to get one of these, and I finally did =TwT= I'd actually purchased it the first day they came out, which is why I didn't partake in the 50 group auctions held to obtain them XD It's very detailed and the images just don't do this cutie justice; it's just one of those things you have to see right there in your hands. I was just so ecstatic for new espeon merch; there's more and more every day =TvT= Like a dream come true *sniffles*

ESPEON TOMY FIGURE Yes! I finally got one after much procrastination and won it in a double set with umbreon :D It's very awesome to almost have a complete set of the eeveelution tomys!

ESPEON CHUPPA SURPRISE I didn't see many of these on yahoo japan, but I think maybe it's because the pose in particualar was a little disappointing to the fans in comparison to the umbreon chuppa. Which means it was easy to snag for a very decent price ;D I see it paired with the umbreon chuppa in a group, but rarely by itself =0.0= I don't recall having any competition for winning this one, but it' a way XDD [STILL ALWAYS SITTING!! D< ]

ESPEON CANVAS PLUSH I really like the way this canvas plush turned out :D It's very soft and well crafted with the lovely embroidered eyes =-v-= <3~ It's one of the first ones I decided I was getting, and I'm very glad that I did get it when I did =^^=

CLEAR ESPEON KID GRAIL ALERT!! I finally got it! After quite some time, I finally obtained the original clear espeon kid =TvT= It's gorgeous and it was expensive, but I don't care, it was so worth it! It was quite the war between myself and a japan bidder, but finally they'd given up and I won. I was so nervous during that auction I could hardly sit still and keep myself from refreshing the page XD;; Victory was claimed by me in the end, and that's all that matters!

NEW ESPEON KIDS FIGURE I thought this one would be a little more epic when I'd gotten it off yahoo japan, but then I got it in the mail and was a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's still awesome, but I am glad for one thing...IT'S NOT SITTING!!

ESPEON KESHIPOKE Oh man was this ever one mishap of a get. I really like this figure because it is almost identical to the tomy keychain which makes it full of awesome already. I'd been lucky enough to purchase it from nanoplasm, but there was a bit of a mix up in both the comments and the mail XD I was convinced that they were ever so determined to give me an umbreon keshipoke XDD I finally did get the espeon though and it was worth it despite its not being able to stand. I really think it's one of the most awesome figures out there of espeon right now, but it still ranks second for me in comparison to the pencil topper.

ESPEON CHOU GET SILVER VERSIONI got these from Irene who discovered that Italy released gold and silver versions of the hg/ss chou get series! These were auctioned off and I was super lucky to get both gold and silver versions of espeon =^^= I really like the clear stands and how pretty the metallic plastic is =0w0= Silver is my favorite because I'm bias like that xD so I bid on the gold not really expecting to win both, but I did :D

ESPEON CHOU GET GOLD VERSION I got these from Irene who discovered that Italy released gold and silver versions of the hg/ss chou get series! These were auctioned off and I was super lucky to get both gold and silver versions of espeon =^^= I really like the clear stands and how pretty the metallic plastic is =0w0=

ESPEON PATCH I believe these came from the pokemon center, but I'm not certain. I'd originally ordered this patch from sunyshore, but the post office at it :\ I was super lucky to stumble on it again on y!j because I love embroidered patches =0w0=

ESPEON JAKKS FIGURE Well I'm glad that of the new eeveelutions jakks made, espeon didn't turn out so bad. I actually really like it =0w0= It's head turns a little funky, but it's not bad. Coulda been worse like vaporeon XD;;

CUSTOM ESPEON PILLOW PLUSH Made by broken_chan =>w<= I can't remember, but I wanna say this was my christmas gift for 2009. She doesn't normally sew so I was super excited to get this because it's so darn cute! =>v<= <33~ The best part is that she tortured friends with a disembodied head before sending it off to me =0v0= So it has lol memories that we can share, yay!