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Flareon Collection

Flareon to me is just so fluffy, how can you not love it?

FLAREON TOMY KEYCHAIN This came from floaroma pokemart. The flareon tomy keychain has such great detail and was new out of the box when purchased.

FLAREON MARBLE I was fortunate to get this seperately from a set of marbles off ebay; it's absolutely stunning! I guess I just have a thing for marbles XD

FLAREON CHIBI FIGURE The chibi figure was purchased from lightning kitty sales. When I got it, it was a lot smaller than I had expected, but it's chibiness made me squeal because it's still so adorable!

FLAREON CLEAR STADIUM FIGURE this little cutie came from kiraras_lemon and it's super adorable like quite a few things in my collection. I wasn't sure if I was gonna come by this one, but I got lucky =>w<= and I'm very content with it.

FLAREON BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE This figure is the most unique out of the battle museum figures in my opinion. Like the pencil toppers, the battle museum line of figures is also very well crafted and always a unique addition to any collection.

FLAREON/EEVEE KEYCHAIN This came from iridescentfox. It was offered to me when I made my first post about this site. I'm really glad to have this keychain in my collection to match the vaporeon/eevee one. Now lets hope I can get that jolteon to complete the set!

FLAREON MEIJI WOODEN TAG I love these tags because they're so smooth and have such a clear rendition of the pokemon on it. I've never seen any other pokemon in the meiji wooden tag series aside from vaporeon, and togepi. So I'm glad to have the two eeveelutions of the meiji wooden tag series curtsy of iridescentfox =^^=

FLAREON RED RUBBER STAMPER This stamp is a united states product. It was manufactured by roseart somewhere in the 1995 - 1999 range I believe. Usually the stamps came with a plastic art container of ash or pikachu, and a roseart stamp pad. Only the first 150 were manufactured, (which is a shame, because espeon is my favorite =TvT;=), but no matter, they're still nifty little knick-knacks that I like and am glad to have in my collection. I bought this in a set on ebay with a simple search of pokemon stamp.

FLAREON GLOW IN THE DARK PLASTIC I was going to get this off ebay, but I was just waiting for the right time to pay ten dollars for a glow in the dark piece of plastic! XD Well, my procrastination was rewarded when I got a message from urahameshi asking if I wanted anything for up for sale. Wouldn't you know it, this little plastic was there for 3 dollars. I was like hells yeah I want that! XD So I was highly content to have gotten it after seeing it given away as a freebie in a sales post I'd just missed =^^;=

FLAREON MINI MODELS I got these all from separate places. All the regular colors came from yahoo japan lots and the two metallic colors came from two different sellers on the community. The green metallic one came from juumou's shop; I had caught it just before the shop update was posted on the community thanks to caffwin who tipped me off quickly. The gold flareon came from skdarkdragon and there was surprisingly no opposing bids, yay! I just need the purple one, and I'll have the complete set...or at least I hope so XD;;

FLAREON ATTACK KID This is the most recent flareon kid, it's really cute and I wasn't planning on collecting kids figures, but now I've got some that I'm after XD stinking winking eevee kid just started it all lol.

FLAREON JAKKS FIGURES Oh my goodness I love the detail in this figure!! The tail is just my absolute favorite, it's so gorgeous =;v;= I just love her to pieces and out of all the new eevee jakks figures, I just wanted this one that baddest lol Mostly because the detail was just so stunning and I was in luck when I started a trade with lawlietxlight...yup, this one too =^^;= This figure was part of that massive trade, [I tried to tell you people it was a big trade lol], and I just lurv it so muchies!

FLAREON TCG FIGURE Believe it or not, this is a bootleg! It's the most official bootleg I've ever seen though, and it was well worth the price I paid considering that they weren't ever going to release this baby! I don't see it much on ebay anymore, but I do know that these did sell like hot cakes when they were put up. I was so lucky that I got one early because if I do see it in a set now a days, it goes for like $100 some dollars =QvQ;= I was lucky to get mine for around $70. Whatever price I paid matters not, because this figure is so epic, it's worth every penny.

FLAREON MINICOT I won this in an auction from togoboldly and I must say that I was expecting more competition =0~0= I mean, don't get me wrong, it's always nice when you get rare stuff for cheap, but still, I thought because the minicot was hard to obtain that it was still going to get a little more attention =^^;=

FLAREON KESHIMON I was astounded that I got this in a lot for less than $20 =0A0;= It's so rare and hard to find that I didn't think there was even one out there until I saw it right in front of my face XDD It's so tiny and precious and I knew there was a gold one, but I wound up with silver which is super awesome because I like silver better anyways. Lucky find! =>w<=

FLAREON CANVAS PLUSH It's so fluffy!! I love this one, and I was a bit hesitant on getting it, but flufffffffyyyyy~! I really am glad I got this one =^^=

FLAREON METAL SWING KEYCHAIN GRAIL!! =;v;= I found it in a big mass of metal swing keychains that was really expensive because it was heavy lol but it was so worth it! It was hard to tell flareon was in the lot, but I read the description that was kind enough to list all the keychains in the lot =0v0=

FLAREON BATTLE PENCIL EXTENSION This is the battle pencil extension for the eevee battle pencil. I'm not really sure how these factor into the game, but they are cool looking and pretty =0w0=