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Glaceon Collection

Glaceon has become a quick favorite of mine, it's very powerful and elegant looking much like espeon. It always has such stunning and unique posture when I see an item for it.

GLACEON CRYSTAL KEYCAHIN This crystal keychain is a lot more durable than I'd expected it to be, and it's also so much more cute than pictures lead me to believe. I'm very pleased to have this one in my collection.

GLACEON KEYCHAIN This keychain I saw on yahoo japan for just under 500 yen, and I bought it and the matching leafeon right away; although, I noticed that it's immensely similar to the palace figure...the more I look up about the palace figures the more certain I am that this keychain is the palace figure =0.o;= but that's alright, I kinda like it since I like keychains a lot better =^^=

GLACEON CHOU GET I expected this item to be a little bigger, but it's adorable just the way it is =^^= The chou get is very well crafted and I'm surprised at how much of the glaceon merchandise appeals to me XD This one came from a random lot of chou get figures on yahoo japan.

GLACEON CHUPPA I was very lucky to get this figure for the deal that I did. The glaceon and leafeon chuppas are pretty hard to come by and I see less and less of them as months go by. The glaceon is my favorite because its got such a unique pose and seems like it's ready to attack at any moment! I received this little one in a partial trade with lineaalba. It was half monies and the other half was a custom crochet mini shiny umbreon plush. I didn't honestly expect her to accept my offer since these things are so hard to get, but I waited as she thought it over and my patience was rewarded. =^^= I'm very glad to have been so lucky on this awesomely adorable figure, thanks so much lineaalba!

GLACEON TOMY PLUS FIGURE This was a pre-order from gin on the community. It took a bit of time to get it, but it's so stinking adorable so it's okay XP I hope that tomy decides to do more of the eeveelutions in this fashion because it's such a stunning and well crafted figure. =*v*=

GLACEON WOODEN STAMP This came from without_reason with my leafeon wooden stamp. The pose of glaceon is unique and the stamp itself is beautifully designed. I didn't think I was going to get these stamps and when I received word that I did, I was so ecstatic =>w<= I have yet to see these stamps on yahoo japan, so I'm so glad to have gotten them for my collection.

GLACEON MASCOT KEYCHAIN I didn't want this keychain at first, but when I bid on it and had no opposing bids, I thought, why not? When I got it I was so taken in by it's cuteness that it definitely had to stay in my collection. Chibi glaceon is chibi!

GLACEON POKEMON CENTER CHARM I never thought that I'd be so lucky as to have this charm in my collection. These things are so ungodly hard to find! I'd never seen it listed on yahoo japan or on ebay. Then one day, fernchu made a post about a recent ebay win she'd acquired; it was a glaceon pokedoll with the charm as a bonus and when she'd inquired about the leafeon charm from the seller, they said that they did have it and that they'd include it for free if she wanted it. That was a killer for me, I was like, 'I am never gonna be so lucky to find those charms like that...' =TvT;= I think someone was out to prove me wrong though XD because upon one morning browsing yahoo japan, I found a lot of leafeon things. The pokedoll was the most prominent thing in the image and even though I didn't want to collect any of the pokedolls, I clicked on it anways. Well I darn near had a heart attack at the sight of the leafeon pokemon center charm, so I quickly check the listings for glaceon and there it was...the same seller had listed a similar lot of glaceon items including the pokemon center charm; BOTH WITH BIN PRICES!! I quickly bin'ed them and prance all around my house in giddy excitement and I was so excited that I pulled a mussel in my neck XD;;; but epic charm is so full of epicness!!

GLACEON JAKKS FIGURE This one was also part of my trade with lawlietxlight, and she's just the cutest =>w<= I love her tail the best, though I don't know why, I just kinda do XD Her feet are very petite and just want to make you go d'awww! So, I'm happily content with her =^^=

GLACEON CANVAS PLUSH I still think it's a better crafted jakks plush. It's certainly cute and soft and those are always pluses when you're buying a plush XD