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Welcome to Eeveelutions Collections. This site contains a list of eeveelutions I have collected, want to collect, and am waiting to recieve. I don't unfortunately feel like collecting everything with eeveelutions on it, but I hope you'll enjoy browsing what I have collected. =^^=

Each icon contains a seperate collection, the want list is a things I would like in my collection.

UPDATED LAST: 02-28-2012
Today's updates features new things in onix, steelix, litwick, chandelure, duskull, giratina, wingull and my wants. Full update with images and all ;D I also gave the candle line new image links!

  • Steelix Mock Pokedoll from Amber_TDD
  • Shiny Steelix Mock Pokedoll from glacidea
  • Wailord Pokemon Time Cushion from killmeneko
  • Giratina & Candle Line Charms from Gin
  • Shiny Chandelure TCG from ebay
  • Espeon & Banette Amada Stickers - SMJ
  • Banette Pokedoll Plush Keychain - SMJ
  • Rotom Pokemon Center Halloween Charm - SMJ
  • Banette Pokemon Center Halloween Charm - SMJ
  • Shuppet & Banette Pokedex Figures - SMJ
  • Clear Banette Kids Figure - SMJ
  • Froslass Pokemon Center Charm [2012] - SMJ
  • Giratina Altered Form Pokedoll Movie Charm - SMJ
  • Brock's Team Onix & Zubat Charms - SMJ
  • Duskull UFO Catcher - SMJ
  • Spiritomb Pokemon Center Charm [2012] - SMJ

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    Keysan's Collection: River's End .:*:. Amber_TDD's Giratina Collection: Haten Sekai .:*:. Nightmare_chan's Collection: Nightmarish Lights

    If you'd like me to link you too, just let me know and I will =^^=