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Jolteon Collection

Jolteon to me is a tough eeveelution and I still admire it for its tough appearance.

JOLTEON MARBLE This came from zenity as well with the vaporeon marble. I do really adore it since it's one of my favorite colors.

JOLTEON STADIUM FIGURE This is an awesome figure and I'm so glad I was able to find it in a small yahoo japan lot under the used category =0w0= Even though it's used, it's in wonderous condition!

JOLTEON RED RUBBER STAMPER This stamp is a united states product. It was manufactured by roseart somewhere in the 1995 - 1999 range I believe. Usually the stamps came with a plastic art container of ash or pikachu, and a roseart stamp pad. Only the first 150 were manufactured, (which is a shame, because espeon is my favorite =TvT;=), but no matter, they're still nifty little knick-knacks that I like and am glad to have in my collection. I bought this in a set on ebay with a simple search of pokemon stamp.

JOLTEON CLEAR STADIUM FIGURE This came in the same set as the eevee metal keshimon and it was originally what caught my eye when I found the set. I really lucked out to have so many eeveelution things in that set, three of which were hard to find as is XD It made me very content to have gotten that set and all my things were in great condition even though it said it was used. =^^=

JOLTEON EVOLUTION KEYCHAIN The lot this thing came in, I hadn't even seen it. I'd only saw the flareon evolution keychain so when the lot actually came, I was just ecstatic to find it there. I think this evolution keychain has got to be my favorite of the three. It's awesome the way they did this keychain and it's not often that jolteon gets something really awesome such as this keychain in its line of merchandise. I'm so lucky to have gotten it in mint condition and it's one of my favorite jolteon items.

JOLTEON BANDAI FRIENDS PLUSH I won this in a fierce bid war held by rikufied, and I'll tell you what, it was totally worth it! This thing is so adorable and now espeon won't be all by herself in my small set of plushies; she'll have a friend! (hahahahaa, yeah I know...I'm corny XD )

JOLTEON ATTACK KID OLD VERSION I really like this jolteon kids figure, I don't really know why, but I do =^^;= It is pretty spiffy though and there's just two more I want to get =0w0=

JOLTEON KEYCHAIN I'm fairly certain this is bootleg, but it did come from yahoo japan and I keep it around because poor jolteon was left out of the tomy keychain lines =;-;=

JOLTEON TOMY NEWER VERSION Like the vaporeon tomy, this tomy figure of jolteon struck me as unique and I really wanted to get it. Luckily I got the chance; it was in the same group auction as the vaporeon tomy, but I couldn't tell if it was the new or old version until I got it. Yay for it being the new version that I wanted!

JOLTEON CHIBI STAMPER I've never seen this stamp have another colored base besides blue, so this may be the only jolteon stamp of its kind for all I know, but I'm hopeful that there's a green one out there some where!

JOLTEON MINICOT I got super lucky to find this little guy in a yahoo japan lot! It's really awesome and hope to get the other matching minicots that I'm missing =>w<=

JOLTEON KESHI FIGURES I find that jolteon mini models are the hardest of the eeveelutions to come by. As you can see, the colors I have for jolteon are a lot less than the ones I've got for the other eeveelutions. That'll never stop me though; can't keep a good collector down! I just need the yellow one!!

JOLTEON MEIJI WOODEN TAG This tag is super awesome because I'd never seen it before and didn't even know it existed until my I did a collection post to the community. Saffysaf brought it to my attention that she had one and wanted to know if I was interested in having it. I was like, 'HELLS YES I WANT THAT THING!!' We worked out a trade and it came in the mail shortly there after. I've always loved the wooden meiji tags because they're so smooth and the image is so crisp. I'm just so glad to have gotten this new addition =>w<=

JOLTEON JAKKS FIGURE It's articulated like most of the jakks figures, and it's just awesome that there's still eeveelution promotion going on in the states =^^= I got this special little guy from lawlietxlight; we did a massive trade that went on for like a month or two XD this cutie was part of that trade. Now they just need to do the other eeveelutions and we'll be set; come on jakks!! :D

NEW JOLTEON KIDS FIGURE I finally managed to obtain one that popped up on yahoo japan all by itself. It was really hard to get a hold of since I didn't buy it right away =>A<= I have to stop doing that with kids figures...waiting because I'll just have to pay more and wait longer in the end, but all in all, I really do like this figure. I was very content with its pose and uniqueness from the standard jolten kid.

JOLTEON KESHIMON This figure was in the same lot as my flareon keshimon, and again, I can't express my excitedness that I got the lot with both jolteon and flareon for under $20!!! I never expected to find this one for such a low price on yahoo japan. I was just blown away when I won.

JOLTEON CANVAS PLUSH I really love how this one was crafted and it's really cute. This canvas is definitely one of my favorite in the top 3 out of the eeveelution canvas plush. I love how soft the canvas plush are and if it's well crafted too, all the more awesome.

JOLTEON METAL SWING KEYCHAIN YES!! GRAIL =;v;= I found this in such a tiny lot on y!j and was surprised that no one else had bid on it. Weird, but yay for me! =0w0=

JOLTEON BATTLE PENCIL EXTENSION This is the battle pencil extension for the eevee battle pencil. I like that jolteon got my favorite color because if they made the background yellow jolteon would totally blend in xp