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Lampent Collection

Lampent is my second favorite in the candle line. I really do like how simple lampent is as far as crafting is concerned, but I think it's second because I'm not too crazy about the shiny colors. Don't get me wrong, the shiny colors are alright, but I just don't care for it. I do like the design that lampent has though, it's still super cute ;) I still think it's name should have been translated to lamplar! It sounds so much better!! =;v;=

LAMPENT KIDS FIGURE The first offical merch that lampent has =;w;= I think this is really cool, just the way it's on wispy clouds like that truly gives it a spooky effect. It's a really awesome first piece of merchandise.

LAMPENT HALLOWEEN UFO PLUSH Lampent's first plush =;w;= such a cutie <3~ I got this one from smj. Poor lampent isn't getting as much attention as litwick or chandelure =;v;=

CUSTOM LAMPENT PLUSH This plush was made by me. It's fully made out of yarn, no wires or felt; I take great pride in that I don't use any other material besides YARN and stuffing. I do like lampent, but just not as much as chandelure, but I do plan on making more customs for lampent too ;D

CUSTOM LAMPENT STAMP This stamp was made by f4y3. It turned out a lot bigger than I expected which I don't know why since they told me how big the stamp was gonna be XD;; but I really liked that the end result was stamped onto the backing; my other custom stamp I had done just had a blank backing so I was really excited about this stamp =^^=

CUSTOM LAMPENT CLAY CHARM I got this charm in an awesome art trade made with foureyedalien [Jade], and it was one of five charms from the trade. This charm is so cute and so tiny, it's like the size of a penny so it's astounding that Jade is so amazing to get as much detail as she does on these cute little things! =>w<=

CUSTOM LAMPENT SWING CHARM This charm was made by reiila and it's really very cute! I was both excited and relieved to get this charm because one, it's to die for with how cute it is and two, at the time one of my packages had been sent back by my newly confused neighbor at my old apartment, so I was worried the charms might be sent back too. They arrived safely and it made me feel tons better to have them displayed on their very own shelf in my new home.

LAMPENT BELL PLUSH I lost an auction for one of flag's lovely bell plush, so I decided to make my own ;D I made wingull bell plush, so why not these guys too, right? XD Well I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and I want to specially thank Amber_TDD for all of her feedback while I was making this cutie ;D

LAMPENT POKEDOLL MAGNET Made by kephisos and the art was borrowed from reiila. It was made spectacularly and I'm really glad to have this one =0w0=

LAMPENT BOX I made this one too XD;; I bought some super tiny boxes and painted them, and when no one bought them at the auctions, I decided to keep the lampent because it was so pretty XD;;