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Leafeon Collection

I've always liked the grass type pokemon, and was highly estatic when I heard of leafeon's debut. It's so adorable looking since green is my favorite color and I love leaves.

LEAFEON KEYCHAIN This leafeon keychain is adorable and came from yahoo japan. Like the glaceon one that it matches, I'm fairly certain someone just took the leafeon palace figure and turned it into a keychain; even though that's the case, I still adore it just as much! =^^=

LEAFEON CARD PACK This is the new rising rivals platinum card pack and I was just browsing toys'r'us and bought it because the image is so awesome! Although the cards I got weren't so great, the card pack is, yay! =>w<=

LEAFEON CHOU GET The chou get for leafeon is just adorable and it's also pretty well detailed. I got this in a lot from yahoo japan auctions.

LEAFEON CHUPPA I got this little cutie for a good price from snowball21 and now it's together with the glaceon chuppa; horray for matching! XD Whether it matches or not, it's still super cute! =>w<=

LEAFEON WOODEN STAMPER This came straight from the pokemon center in japan. I was very fortunate to get this stamp from without_reason since they'd had trouble with pokemon center runs. I'm very grateful and I love this stamp to death! =^^=

LEAFEON SHOE CHARM This shoe charm is my favorite out of the two. I really like how the colors sparkle on this one and it's just in general really pretty! =>w<=

LEAFEON POKEMON CENTER CHARM I never thought that I'd be so lucky as to have this charm in my collection. These things are so ungodly hard to find! I'd never seen it listed on yahoo japan or on ebay. Then one day, fernchu made a post about a recent ebay win she'd acquired; it was a glaceon pokedoll with the charm as a bonus and when she'd inquired about the leafeon charm from the seller, they said that they did have it and that they'd include it for free if she wanted it. That was a killer for me, I was like, 'I am never gonna be so lucky to find those charms like that...' =TvT;= I think someone was out to prove me wrong though XD because upon one morning browsing yahoo japan, I found a lot of leafeon things. The pokedoll was the most prominent thing in the image and even though I didn't want to collect any of the pokedolls, I clicked on it anways. Well I darn near had a heart attack at the sight of the leafeon pokemon center charm, so I quickly check the listings for glaceon and there it was...the same seller had listed a similar lot of glaceon items including the pokemon center charm; BOTH WITH BIN PRICES!! I quickly bin'ed them and prance all around my house in giddy excitement and I was so excited that I pulled a mussel in my neck XD;;; but epic charm is so full of epicness!!

LEAFEON KESHIPOKE RING STRAP I managed to snag this one from floroama pokemart and what a lucky snag as this is immensely hard to find these days. I'm very glad to have gotten it, and it really is very nice =^^=

LEAFEON PLAYSET FIGURE Lucky get from sunyshore because I wasn't sure if anyone was gonna do a run for these playset figures and I remember wanting the leafeon really really bad so when Gin put them in sunyshore, I just happened to be on the community the exact time of the post and boom! I got one =TvT= This is like one of the best leafeon figures ever because of it's really unique battle-esque pose and I love it!

LEAFEON ATTACK KID This kid was said to be really rare, but I dunno...I kinda saw it everywhere after someone said that XD I got one and I must say it's quite epic =0w0=

LEAFEON CANVAS PLUSH I was really surprised with the unique details they crafted into this plush. I actually wasn't planning to get this one at all but I'm really glad that I did because I just love it! <3~