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Litwick Collection

Litwick is very cute because I do love candles a lot, [I have too many real candles xD;;], and I can honestly say that I like its regular and shiny colors. Although it's my least favorite of the line, I still love it to pieces. Both english and japanese names are cute/creative and I can live with them =0w0= Litwick will certainly be tough to collect in that it's getting a lot more merchandise than its other family members and that its merch seems to be coming out all at the SAME TIME! =;v;=

LITWICK POKEMON CENTER STRAP VER.1 This was the first official litwick merchandise I'd gotten a hold of and it came from y!j. I later learned that there was a different version which I later purchased.

LITWICK POKEMON CENTER STRAP VER.2 This is the second version of the pokemon center phone strap for litwick and it came from sunyshore. I only discovered this version of the strap by looking at sunyshore's sale update on a whim and was like, wait a minute...are there two versions?! fffffff!!! so I got this one too and ironically I'd gotten it before my first strap I'd initially bought :p

LITWICK LIGHT UP MASCOT KEYCHAIN This keychain is so cool and I'd been covetting it since I saw the advertisement on AAPF. I was so psyched for it that it'd slipped my mind when it actually came out. So in waiting a little bit, I was able to get it from a US seller on Ebay. It was also the first merchandise I received at my new home with my sweety =^^= The condition was pristine and still in its original packaging which was just fantastic =0w0=

LITWICK ATTACK KIDS FIGURE I thought it was kinda funny that I'd gotten this kids figure first as opposed to the one that actually came out first...but this one was just so much more compelling and I had to get it xD

LITWICK POKEDOLL The first candle line plush that's official! This plush is all kinds of adorable and here's hoping that perhaps the candle line will get more pokedolls! =;w;= I'm so glad that the candle line is popular and getting merch <3~ This plush is made of minky fabric, has lovely embroidery, and came out in 2011.

LITWICK POKEDOLL HALLOWEEN KEYCHAIN The second official plush litwick has! It came out in September 2011 and is made of velboa fabric with really nice embroidery per usual of the pokemon center. Unlike the pokedoll, this plush has both of litwick's eyes embroidered, and I personally really like it that way =0w0=

LITWICK CHRISTMAS UFO PLUSH Christmas litwick! this plush is really detailed and creative; I got it for a really awesome price thanks to nanoplasm <33~ I love how sparkly the xmas sign is =>w<=

LITWICK MY POKEMON COLLECTION PLUSH Litwick mpc! This plush really caught me off guard. I mean, I really thought it looked like velboa fabric xD I was surprised that this was was actually so very soft lol I wish the entire plush had been the same fabric, but whatever, it's still cute and I can't wait till chandelure gets one =;w;=

LITWICK STAMP it's all heart shaped and cute =;w;= these stamps are so tiny and detailed and I just find them really amazing!

LITWICK POKEMON CENTER CHRISTMAS CHARM I got it from the group buy I ran. I was so surprised to find the enamel to be glittery =0v0= like it was all set up to look like it had christmas magic or something xD

CUSTOM LITWICK PLUSH This plush was made by me. It's fully made out of yarn, no wires or felt; I take great pride in that I don't use any other material besides YARN and stuffing. My litwick is a light lavender only because I made it before the official art came out and I swear that sprite looks lavender! So after seeing the official art, I made all following plush after the official colors.

CUSTOM LITWICK CLAY CHARM I got this charm in an awesome art trade made with foureyedalien [Jade], and it was one of five charms from the trade. This charm is so cute and so tiny, it's like the size of a penny so it's astounding that Jade is so amazing to get as much detail as she does on these cute little things! =>w<=

CUSTOM LITWICK SWING CHARM This charm was made by taycs and it's sorta transparent which makes it unique from all my other custom charms so far. It's shiny colors and I remember being surprised that no one had taken the lime green strap color. I personally thought it offset the shiny colors well since shiny litwick's eye color is lime green.