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Used To Own List

Used To Own List

The list of stuff that I used to have in my collections but for one reason or another were sold to other collectors. I don't have them anymore, but I still like to remember that I had them.
UPDATED LAST: 06/21/2011

EEVEE SKATEBOARD This one I bought on a whim from Zenity. It was nifty and no one seemed to want it, so I decided, why not? XD

EEVEE PATCH A really old patch that came from yahoo japan. The way it was crafted and how it's so fluffy, are stunning. It was definitely worth the buy.

EEVEE BATH FIGURE This cutie came from eevee-kins! I saw it listed on ebay and wondered about it; like if someone I knew had listed it. The text just seemed familiar I guess XD Sure enough, eevee-kins took it off ebay when I'd offered to buy it and as much as I don't care for the bigger figures, this one just sucked me in! It was a good purchase, and I do adore it's squishiness =~w~=

EEVEE ROLLER STAMP There was a bid war going on yahoo japan for the lot this little guy was in, the set wound up being almost $40 I think since it was in a set of 9 stampers. I really like it though, I'm not sure I'll ever use it, but it's really cute =^^= (Although I wish it had gotten a different color is not my favorite color XD )

EEVEE BELL KEYCHAIN I just about had a spazz attack when I found this on yahoo japan for 300 yen! It went up to 510 yen, but still...that's a darn good price for this rare find! =0_o;= I've got a thing for bells, so any eeveelution thing that's got bells is an automatic must get for me. I think I've only seen kefanii have one of these, and now that I've got this one, all I need is the flareon and I'll be set! =>w<=

EEVEE POKEBALL ROLLER STAMPER There were two different sets on yahoo japan that contained this roller stamp, I just closed my eyes and picked one lol. I really do find this stamper particularly neat because it has eevee and its evolutions on the stamp. So it's like I got four for the price of one =0w0=

EEVEE SITTING FULL COLOR STADIUM FIGURE For the longest time, I'd always seen full color stadium figures of vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon, but not of eevee. I saw one without a base for sale in a community post once, and that was enough for me to go out there and find them...I just wasn't expecting to find it in a lot of 200 some figures XD

EEVEE GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE KEYCHAIN I saw these keychains for sale once before some time ago. I don't care much for gold, but I do like bronze. I bought this little cutie from shemii =0w0= and the bronze one I got from fernchu. The gold one came from a GA ritzyfox ran =0w0= and I bid for it even though I don't like gold all that much, but I just figured, why not? I like completing sets XDD

EEVEE TOMY LAYING PLUSH I got this from without_reason in a competitive bid war; it was totally worth it. This plush is so soft and just flat out adorable =>w<=

EEVEE TOMY FIGURE I really love the newly designed tomy figures; they were all done so well. This figure in particular came from rikufied.

EEVEE DOG TAG This tag came from miss_fuu_chan and I didn't know if I wanted to collect the dog tags, but when I got to an early morning sales and found the first gen eeveelution dog tags up for sale, I decided that I did wanna collect them XD It was an impulse buy, but a good one. I just needed to track down the espeon and umbreon, (which I did and it wasn't, surprisingly, hard like most eeveelution items I seem to want XD )

EEVEE PATCH NEWER I sat and waited for this patch to be listed on yahoo japan after seeing it in a japanese shop online. One day my dream came true =*v*= [okay, so it wasn't my dream, but that patch is awesome and I wanted it for my collection so badly XDD ]

EEVEE DP METAL FIGURE Oh My GOD! were my words when I saw that they'd decided to come out with new metal figures for eevee. I don't know which colors it has gotten yet, but I've obtained a bronze one in addition to the gold one from separate lots, yay eevees!

EEVEE SILVER & GOLD CLIP KEYCHAIN I won this in a Group Auction held by unknown revenge and was surprised to have no opposing bids...[maybe it's because I bid $8 higher than the starting price? XD ] Who knows, either way I won, and the gold charm I purchased from miss_fuu_chan. =^^= It was funny because the lot I was going to buy, that sat on y!j for ages, miss_fuu_chan had bought before me. It was lucky for me that she didn't want the lot for the eevee clip. When is showed up in her sales, I was filled with yayness that I'd gotten the matching clip XD

EEVEE MEGABLOK I obtained this block in a yahoo japan lot with the other eeveelutions except leafeon and glaceon. I wasn't actually sure if eevee was in the lot or not because the blocks were all in a pile and all I could see were vaporeon, flareon, espeon, and umbreon =^^;= but I though it was worth a shot and it was :D

EEVEE TOMY CAN FIGURES The red and yellow are both erasers and the green one is solid plastic. You can get a range of different kinds of figures for one pokemon from these cans; 3 different colored erasers that are yellow, red, or blue, solid color, metallic, and glow in the dark. So, I've got quite a list to collect for these cute figures =^^;=

EEVEE WHISTLE When I'd first seen this thing, I thought it was a flashlight XD So did everyone else I think, but when it showed up in a GA ran by ritzyfox, and she'd received it, I was informed that it was in fact a whistle. Eevee rape whistle! XD j/k, j/k [I don't think it's actually a very good whistle lol, but I still have it XDD ]

EEVEE LARGE FIGURE It's semi-poseable and it had originally come from a community sales post.

EEVEE PLAYSET FIGURE It came from a community sales and was released in a japanese playset.

EEVEE MEIJI CHARM FIGURE I got this one in a lot from y!j.

EEVEE IN CASE FIGURE Came from a y!j auction.

VAPOREON METALIC PLASTIC FIGURES I don't know where these come from, but they are nifty because they're shiny =OwO= I love shiny things almost as much as I love bells and keychains XD I'm not sure where they come from, but I got them in a yahoo japan lot.

VAPOREON MAGNET This magnet came from my massive yahoo japan box, I know there's an eevee one to match it out there, but I don't know if there is a flareon or jolteon. I see the eevee often enough, so I'm sure I'll get it with time. This magnet is really light weight, I thought it would be much heavier when I got it. It's really nifty to stick it to various metal things in my collection though XD

VAPOREON DOG TAG This came with all the other first gen eeveelution dog tags I picked up from miss_fuu_chan's sales one morning. I really love this pose vaporeon has, it's so happy and cute =>w<=

VAPOREON ATTACK KID OLD VERSION I hadn't intended on keeping this kids figure either, but like the flareon, I just could help myself XD So it stays in my collection as well.

VAPOREON SINGING KEYCHAIN Oh goodness, I love this thing XDD It has the kookiest little tune that plays when the heat of your finger touches the base. This keychain is massive though; it's like 4 inches =0_o;= but that doesn't make it any less awesome XD

VAPOREON CLEAR SITTING STADIUM FIGURE I got this in a massive lot from yahoo japan and like the other vaporeon FCS, this one's really pretty too. I can honestly say that I love all the vaporeon FCS figures because of the fashion in which they were crafted; they're all really beautiful =>w<=

VAPOREON MEGABLOK I love this thing, it's awesomely cute! Vaporeon makes one of the cutest megabloks I think =^^=

VAPOREON GLOW IN THE DARK FIGURE This bitty figure is full of pure awesome, not just because it glows in the dark, but because I didn't miss it this time around! =>v<= I believe this figure is made by tomy and came in little plastic cans where the pokemon were either rubber, metallic plastic, glow in the dark, rubber plastic or, clear kinds of plastic. I've got the metallic vaporeons that match this glow in the dark, and when I get the others that match, I'll be content! =0w0= I won this one in an auction from lunarchik13

VAPOREON GLOW IN THE DARK KEYCHAIN I got this from the first GA I ran on the community. It was a Y!J aucion.

VAPOREON BOUNCER FIGURE The figure that comes from the pokemon bouncey balls, and this one specifically came from a sales post in the community.

VAPOREON DICE Came as a set of gen 1 eeveelutions from a y!j auction.

JOLTEON STADIUM FIGURE I bought it on a whim to match the set of jolteon stadium figures and because there's not a bunch of jolteon merchandise out there. All the same, it's still a part of my collection, but I'm on a quest for a base to place it on with the other stadium figures on my shelf.

JOLTEON TOMY CAN FIGURES The erasers come in three different colors, red, blue, and yellow. I haven't seen the yellow one before, but I hope I can track it down so that I can match. I got the blue one in a lot off yahoo japan and the red one came from skdarkdragon. The metallic one came from a lot on yahoo japan.

JOLTEON DOG TAG Yay for more jolteon merchandise! This dog tag came in a set from miss_fuu_chan one morning, and I really think jolteon is deserving of a dog tag for one of its merchandise options. It just seems kinda suited to me I guess because of jolteon's tough appearance in battle. So I'm always glad to get more merchandise for jolteon since it seemed to be less popular in merchandise out of the three first gen eeveelutions. =^^=

JOLTEON MEGABLOK How could I resist this cute blok? I couldn't and that's exactly why I wound up with it 3 times XDD The first time it had be sold in a time of need and the second, was just after I won my lot of megabloks but didn't see it in the image, so I just wasn't sure, and the third was in the lot of megabloks XDD It's a sign that I should definitely have one lol, but I kept the second one I purchased from kylie_fanatic if anyone was curious ;D

JOLTEON METAL FIGURE Yes! I got one! From a very small lot on yahoo japan; I believe it was in the same lot as my olive green metal onix figure =0w0= Yayness!

JOLTEON DICE Came as a set of gen 1 eeveelutions from a y!j auction.

FLAREON STADIUM FIGURE This was also purchased from lightning kitty sales at the same time as the chibi figure. It's very nifty and I can't wait to get the other stadium figures so it won't be all by its lonesome =^^=

FLAREON STADIUM FIGURE Another flareon stadium figure; I think this one is my favorite out of the flareon stadium figures, (I kinda wish it was the clear one XD ), but I still love all the stadium figures of flareon =^^=

FLAREON TOMY CAN FIGURES The eraser comes in three different colors of red, blue, and yellow. It's really cute and I hope I can get the entire set some day. I got this in a big lot from yahoo japan. The metallic ones I got separately; the bronze from a yahoo japan lot and the other from fernchu =0w0=

FLAREON TOMY FIGURE This tomy figure is actually my favorite for flareon even though it's not the newest one. It came from dionashi and I was so happy to find this figure up for grabs =^^= I don't know why this one is my favorite, it just kinda is XDD

FLAREON DOG TAG Yay for dog tags! Came in a set of the first gen eeveelutions from miss_fuu_chan's sales. I've always thought this pose kinda nifty; now it's not my favorite for flareon, but this dog tag is still pretty awesome! =0w0=

FLAREON HASBRO KEYCHAIN These are both hasbro keychains, but the one on the right is poorly damaged because the obvious is that the tail is missing completely, and the not so obvious is the eye screw snapped off and is stuck inside poor flareon's head! =;---;= I love it just as much as the new one that I acquired from ebay. I had originally gotten one of these from kyogres, but then my car was in need of repair, much of my collection was up for grabs. So with a generous offer from iridescentfox, I bid farewell to the one from kyogres because I knew that the new home that flareon was going to was a good one and that it would be well loved & properly cared for =^^= So, now I've got two and they're just awesome =^w^=

FLAREON CLEAR TOMY I don't really think this one was official, but clear things are just too awesome to pass up! When I got it, I noticed that the paint for the eyes and ears were very dim, and slightly off, so I repainted it to make it look like it was official XD It looks pretty spiffy and it's just an awesome item to have regardless of whether or not it was a bootleg to start with ;) The one on the right I recently got from yahoo japan, but I'm not sure if it's official or not still. It still strikes me as a bit odd, but who knows? Maybe it really is official =0_o;=

FLAREON BELL KEYCHAIN Oh yes, score!! From yahoo japan in a group of bell keychains for 500 yen, huzzah! I love bells =TvT= and this one is so beautiful.

FLAREON MEGABLOK I won all the eeveelution megabloks in an auction on yahoo japan with the exception of leafeon and glaceon, so yay! =0w0=

FLAREON DICE Came as a set of gen 1 eeveelutions from a y!j auction.

FLAREON CHIBI STAMPER This stamp came from a lot on y!j auctions.

ESPEON DOG TAG This dog tag was probably one of the hardest to find only because when I found the umbreon dog tag, I had asked the seller if they had the espeon one too. Sure enough they did and they listed it for me to buy along with the umbreon. I found them by searching they're numbers 196 and 197 on ebay. I was just screwing around searching that morning XD Curiosity is totally rewarding lol

ESPEON MEGABLOK Yeah, I got another in that lot of megabloks I won; what can I say? I just can't stay away from espeon things =^^;= [I have collectors sickness and you know I don't care because of all the things I have XDD ]

ESPEON V TRAINER This figure was a great find for me. I'd found it on ebay under an espeon search; it didn't say that it was a v trainer, it just said it was a mini figure that had a connector on the bottom. I watched it carefully for 5 days, and as the time wore down, I was surprised that the price hadn't gone up more. I was at work, but fortunately for me, a good friend and fellow espeon lover, snipped it for me while I was at work for a grand total of...WAIT FOR IT! $13.50!!! Rare espeon v trainer that goes for like $70 plus! =*v*= it's one of those awesome scores of a lifetime. I was surprised though when I received it to see that it was smaller than my steelix v trainer =0~0;= I don't know if that's normal, but whatever, it's still super cute =^^=

UMBREON DOG TAG I was just browsing one morning and decided to search the eevees by their numbers on ebay; I was highly surprised and ecstatic to find this when searching pokemon 196 XD huzzah for random ebay searches!!

UMBREON ATTACK KID This was in the same yahoo japan lot as my clear espeon and even though I couldn't tell if it was the newer kid or the older kid, it didn't matter because I hadn't gotten either of them XD;; I used to see the new one everywhere and when I finally got it in the mail, all I saw was the older one XDD I'm currently working on obtaining the other two umbreon kids, so they'll be in my collection soon =0w0=

UMBREON MEGABLOK Well, he came in the lot with all the others, I think my eevee and vaporeon megabloks would be a might upset if I put him up for sale =^^;= Can't have my collection mad at me now can I?

LEAFEON KID I hadn't planned on keeping it, but it came in the lot with my pokemon center charm and I didn't feel like I should part with it at all =^^;=

LEAFEON TOMY This was the first actual part of my collection that was a complete surprise for me. When it came in the mail, I just couldn't recall what the item was. At first I thought it might be the wrong address, like a mistake or something...but two hours of staring at it got the best of my curiosity XD Upon opening the package, I'd found a note from the person I'd done a trade with for the hard case ds cover of leafeon & glaceon; they'd felt really bad that it was just a flat piece of paper and sent a package with this cutie inside to make it up to me. Although they didn't have to, I'm so very touched and this tomy will be forever special to me =^^=

LEAFEON JAKKS PLUSH This cutie was a last minute addition to the trade I had going with lawlietxlight. I did really want the jakks eeveelution plush, but I just didn't know how bad my stores would fail at stocking. So not taking that chance, I inquired if lawlie might want to trade the plush for customs since I was kind of short on money. She gladly accept and that's the story of how I got this adorableness in a box :D

LEAFEON TISSUES Yes, yes...that's right, leafeon has its own tissues...XD I love these kind of items because it just goes to show you that they'll slap pokemon on just about anything hahahaa

GLACEON SHOE CHARM This thing is so awesome and full of sparkley spiffyness! It's really tiny, but that doesn't take away from its sparkles!

GLACEON JAKKS PLUSH She's so soft! As is the matching leafeon, but whatever XD I did really want the jakks eeveelution plush, but I just didn't know how bad my stores would fail at stocking. So not taking that chance, I inquired if lawlie might want to trade the plush for customs since I was kind of short on money. She gladly accept and that's the story of how I got this fluffy cutie in a box :D

GLACEON TOMY FIGURE Finally got one =-v-;= I believe it was the last eeveelution tomy figure that I needed in order to complete my set, so here it is in all its icy glory!

EEVEELUTION BANDAIDS Oh the bandaids...I'll never use them, but I'll always have them to make me chuckle XD It astounds me sometimes to see what pokemon merchandise is released, but I do really like the case, it's very nifty!

EEVEELUTION TOWELS These towels are soft and super cute. I haven't figured out a good way to display them on my tiny shelf, but I'm sure when I get more stuff, that I'll find a way. I'm good at organizing clutter XD

LEAFEON/GLACEON/EEVEE HORIZONTAL DS CASE I thought I'd never see this thing ever =-A-;= After loosing a battle with toys'n'joys over this thing, I was just filled with such disappointment and almost certain I'd never come by it again =YvY= When I got a random message from dragontattooist in my sales post about the item I was just like...'well i'll be damned... ... ...HOT DAMN IT'S GONNA BE MINE!!' XD We worked out a trade and it soon came in the mail, I could hardly believe it =QvQ= I was all a twitter!