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Onix was always really awesome to me probably because brock was my favorite when I watched the show as a kid. He still is because of all the innuendos he puts in the show XD I don't know what my fascination with onix is, but wouldn't you like a big pile of rocks in your favor for a battle? Watching onix in the show, you also learn that he can be a big softy sometimes; it even shows in the tcg. So he's not scary, he's awesome! I know a lot of people gripe about training him in the game, but who cares? Again, who wouldn't want a big pile of rocks in their favor?

ONIX FULL COLOR STADIUM This was the first onix thing I picked up because no one wanted to buy him out of my shop. I'd just felt really bad for him and when one of my friends said it was because onix wasn't the greatest, that was just the last straw. I was like, 'Ya know what? Onix is a great pokemon and I'll prove it too when I get an awesome collection of him!' So, with this figure, everything really started and I pulled all my onix things from my shop inventory to give myself a head start. I then proceeded to raid other community shops of anything onix and made out quite well. [Amazing what one figure starts isn't it?]

ONIX KESHI FIGURES The clear red, yellow, blue, metallic blue, and all three green onix I had won from some yahoo japan lots, but the gold onix came from skdarkdragon. I wish it'd been silver, but maybe some day I'll find the silver one. The red solid keshi came from grrrowly, and the purple one came from killerjaw. The keshi figures were certainly a task with all the colors I needed. I think I have them all now though=TvT=

ONIX RED RUBBER STAMPERS Just because I had two that no one wanted in my sales I decided to keep both. I figured that if anything, I could use the stamp that's already used to mark envelopes or something. I just for some reason can't resist having doubles of onix =^^;= [It'll be the death of my wallet some day...]

ONIX HASBRO BEANIE PLUSH This plush made my day when I discovered that it existed. I hadn't seen any onix plush before so I was kind of upset that I wasn't going to have any in my collection, but when one of the newer members posted pictures of their current collection, I'd just about died. I was like, this is so awesome, and I have to have it! I'd inquired to know more about the plush, and grrrowly chimed in saying that it was from the hasbro beanie plush set and came out around 2000. It was also stated that the set it was released in was only in stores for a couple of weeks and so that it was a semi-rare plush. I managed to snag him from ebay in a bid war =>w<= I'm sure since I'm originally an eeveelution collector that no one expects to be outbid so badly for onix things, but I do that with all my collections. I treat them evenly because that would simply be unfair if I only dished out the dough for eeveelutions and not wingull, onix or steelix. That's like picking favorites over children D:

ONIX UK BURGER KING PLUSH Two?!! Yeah, those were my words when eevee_kins had told me that there was another onix plush out there. It took me forever to dig up the auction she was talking about, but I did find it through a very round about way, [from several google searches, to google images, and back to one more google search XD], to ask if it was purchased or not. Unfortunately it was, but with patience and money, I did find one =0w0= and he's kickass! I didn't think that he had his pokemon world tag and that I might have to buy another UK burger king plush so that he could have the proper tag, but much to my surprise, he did have it =^^= yay for not having to spend more money! XDD

ONIX BANPRESTO 151 STAMPER It's just the figure, but I've recently won the stamp in kefanii's awesome, yet daring group auction for the complete set of 151 stamps. I would have participated for the eevees, but I'm a bit poor and I decided to minimize some things for eeveelution collecting. Anyways, back to the onix stamper! DID I TELL YOU IT'S GREEN?!! Oh hells yeah! Thanks to some pictures roll_chan89 had posted of the entire set, I learned the stamp was my favorite color. Yayness!

ONIX FULL COLOR STADIUM FIGURE Can you say crystal onix?!! That episode was so kickass and I loved it so much! When I saw this in a sales from skdarkdragon, I snatched it up and was like yay. Crystal onix is awesome =>w<=

ONIX BOX FIGURE This figure I got in a trade with 99reddriftloons, I darn near had a coronary when I'd seen it. I was like, I NEED THAT FIGURE!! The box figure is so very unique and tiny, but detailed which is why it's so full of awesome! It's not pictured, but I do have the case that goes over the figure, I just took it off for photographing purposes. I just love this figure to pieces =>v<=

ONIX KESHIMON OMG these things have the worst balance out of all my rock snakes! They're that one thing in your collection that just falls over if you're remotely close to it XD but they're just to cute and tiny to pass up. I bought both of them from lightning kitty sales.

ONIX KID He looks like he might be scared watching something fly above him with the D: face XDD It's kind of funny that onix could be scared of something considering how big it is hahaha, but oh well, the kids figure is awesome!

ONIX POGS The one on the left came from eevee_kins and the one on the right came from a trade with azureyoshi =0w0= both of them are really unique, but I can't wait to obtain the japanese battle pog; that thing rocks! [hahaha...pun...XDD ]

ONIX POKEDEX STICKER I had this sticker from a massive lot I won. It's very tiny and the general layout of the sticker is just really cool to me. I found these stickers really hard to tear apart from each other because the edge of each sticker would stay connected when you tried to tear on sticker from the rest. That's why the sticker doesn't have an edging around it XD

ONIX BATTLE SQUARE I have like three of these because no one wanted to buy them XDD Ah well, I don't care much for the color, but I have a soft spot for tiny things XD

ONIX TOMY FIGURE I got this figure by a stroke of luck actually. When my order from growly just never came, I received an email saying that my order had fallen behind a dresser and if I wanted anything out of their shop to make up for it. The onix tomy had caught my eye and it came in the mail with the card I had ordered. It made my day when I got that envelope because it seemed like everywhere I turned, there was something new for my onix collection that I didn't have =>w<= It's what makes collecting onix one of the most fun for me.

ONIX METAL FIGURES I ordered most of these figures from lightning kitty sales, but the regular pewter metal one came from floroama pokemart, and the mint condition green one came from my trade with 99reddriftloons =^^= It's my favorite color, why not have more than one? The blue one came from yahoo japan, as did the olive green, and the gold one came from a GA ran by jaxtoys. Lastly, I got the purple in a sales post somewhere and it's the most recent color, and I hope the last, that I have to obtain XD;;

ONIX CLEAR KIDs I won the one in the back without a hassel from yahoo japan auctions, the one in the front to the left I won with a clear steelix kid, [which got pretty pricey D: ] and the one in front to the right I got from unknownrevenge, because is the clear kid remake! yays! So now I have all clear onix kids =^^=

ONIX STAMP KEYCHAIN He's made by tomy part of a series called PokePeta ABC. I'm not certain, but I think it stamps a little onix like the picture in the corner of packaging. Since onix starts with an "I" in japanese, there's an "I" in the middle of his head on the stamp. So you see onix and an "I" when you stamp it =0w0= It's one of the very unique things I really appreciate in my onix collection.

ONIX METAL STAMP CLIP I ran a GA for the group it was in and thank goodness! I heard that all the other auctions this seller had went really high and we were so fortunate that the GA only increase slightly. It was worth it =0w0= because this metal stamp is just really nifty!

ONIX BATTLE SQUARE Yup, yet another onix flat square thiny-ma-bobber XD I think this came in the same lot as the spare wingulls, but I like this one better than the other, mostly because it's not pink XD

ONIX POKEMON CENTER CHARM I ordered him from Gin and I believe I was the only one to order an onix/steelix set XD oh well, that just makes me like one of the few rock snake collectors out there. I think I saw maybe one other person try to get the onix, but I don't remember. Anyways, yay rocks! =>w<= It's been a while since I've seen a new onix item pop up, so it's pretty awesome, [especially because it's a charm ;D ].

ONIX METAL SWING KEYCHAIN I'd forgotten that the metal swing keychain had existed XD so I'm pretty sure it popped up in a sales and all, but I forgot who I purchased this from =^^;= [I even looked through my receipts D: ] I think it was killerjaw though, but in any case, I really do like him =^^=

ONIX ATTACK KIDS FIGURES I got this kids figure from a partial trade with rentorar. He was the last onix kid that I needed until I discovered there was a repaint of the one I own =TvT;= so he was second to last XD This onix is pretty darn spiffy because of the unique pose he was given. It's not often onix gets unique poses...kinda like another pokemon I know *cough, cough* espeon! *cough* In any case, I love him because I think of him having so much fun making lots of tunnels and popping out to just scare the pants off random travelers XDD I managed to pick up the clear counterpart from yahoo japan.

ONIX CHROME FIGURE It was made by banpresto and the lot it came in, I'd seen relisted dozens of times, but when I'd passed it up so many times before, I wasn't collecting onix. So the eevee in the same lot was the only thing that could persuade me to get the lot...but it just wasn't enough, so when I started collecting onix and saw the lot again, I was like heyyyyy, that onix is pretty freaking awesome! Gin outbid me on the lot, but she was kind enough to save the onix for me =^^= [as if anyone woulda bought him XD ] He's one of the more unique figures that I really enjoy having in my collection :D

ONIX COIN I got this nifty item from lunarchik13 when I won the glow in the dark vaporeon. The coin is my favorite color for metal, silver =~w~= and it's got his name on it, what more could I ask for? [it's kind of heavy, maybe it'll injure stupid people for me XD ]

ONIX DOG TAG This is the more recent dog tag that was also part of my partial trade with rentorar =^^= He's pretty awesome because the dog tags are one of the few things that all my collections have in common. I'm just kind of hoping I can acquire the older dog tag some day too :)

ONIX 151 BADGE I won him in a Group Auction run by rachelled. Although he had a dent in him near his face, I still love him c: I was able to pop some of the dent out, but not all of it, so if I ever come by a mint/near mint one, I'll probably get him. ;)

ONIX MARBLE I decided that I want to collect other colors too, so if anyone comes by a green, blue, brown, yellow, whatever, I want it :D This one is like the shiny metallic marble, and I got it from rentorar in our partial trade, [yeah, I know, you guys are all sick of my trades XD;; ]

ONIX CHIBI STAMPERS I managed to get all of them, yay! They all came from yahoo japan, but both the blue and green I ran GA's for =0w0= I think I got green first, then blue, and last pink. They all stamp I believe with the color of their base, and I really do love them because the chibi stampers are such unique poses most of the time =>w<=

ONIX RETSUDEN STAMP From kefanii or vodka_mutini nowadays. She was hopping that I'd show up and snag it and with great luck, I did.

ONIX 2000 BADGE I'd searched relentlessly on ebay for this thing for quite a few months, but to no avail. Fortunately, killerjaw had it for sale, and it's the best onix badge ever!!

ONIX ACTION FLIPZ I don't remember who I got this from, but I do remember they'd said they had it before having sales permission. A few months later, they were ever so kind to hold it for me when they'd finally made their first sales! If it were me, I may have forgotten about that XD;; so that they remembered was a very nice surprise =^^=

CRYSTAL ONIX TOMY KEYCHAIN Boo-yah! I love this thing so much because it's really awesome that crystal onix got some merch =>w<= Keychains are my favorite, so the fact that onix has a keychain is just pure awesome; I mean, how can you not love that clearness it has going on there? You have to because it's just so mesmerizing.

ONIX BLOCK FIGURE This figure sat and sat in a yahoo japan shop for god knows how long, and I finally caved and bought it =>w<= It's so much fun to play with because it's all twisty and turny and it reminds me of onix on pokemon stadium because it's so jointed.

ONIX CLOCK It originally had a pikachu on top, but I was able to take it apart and put the pikachu aside without damaging the clock at all =0w0= I'll tell you something though, those screws were just the hardest to get undone ever! I had such a hard time with that and so I gave it to my dad who got the screws started with quite a bit of strain I might add =0A0;= BUT I GOT IT!! The hands glow in the dark too =owo=

ONIX TCG COIN This was a bit difficult to track down, but I managed to do so, not without a fight though since it was in a set of rather nice tcg coins. It was worth it though! This coin is really sparkly and one of the best I've seen; it just seems really unique to me =^^=

ONIX BFF NECKLACE This a really old piece of USA merchandise that I wasn't aware existed until browsing google shopping one day. It'd been listed on ecrater and then a couple of days later was taken down =TAT= but, a few months later, I came across it on ebay for very cheap! Like a couple of bucks cheap XD So I quickly bought it and was very content upon it's arrival. The other half of the necklace has brock on it, but I'd only wanted the onix, so that's the one that stays on the collection shelf...I'm sure I still have the other piece...somewhere... XD

ONIX BATTLE PENCIL This is the onix battle pencil, and I got it in the same lot of battle pencils as my eeveelutions =0w0= It was an awesome coincedence that I got all my gen one pokemon in the same y!j lot.

ONIX FLATS onix battrios! I'm still missing half, but I'll get the rest some day lol

CUSTOM ONIX FIGURE This is the first custom of onix that I got =owo= It turned out so well, and I just love it to pieces! I got it with an art trade on deviant art, and it took a while, but the person I worked with was very kind and their communication was really good throughout the transaction =^^=