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Welcome to Eeveelutions Collections. This site contains a list of eeveelutions and other pokemon I have collected, want to collect, and am waiting to recieve. I do not unfortunately feel like collecting everything with eeveelutions on it, but I hope that you'll enjoy browsing what I have collected. =^^=

Each icon contains a seperate collection; the want list page contains things that I would like in my collection or am currently looking for.





UPDATED LAST: 02-28-2014
Today's update features a revamped layout of my collection site. I figured it was time to change it up since I made this site almost 3 years ago and we've since then leaped into HD dimensions for screen resolutions. So my collection site will now be better equipped to handle all platforms, whether it's a netbook or a brand new hd laptop, including mobile, (ie. smart phones).

Additionally, I do have real updates. You'll notice that there are a good bit more icons for collections. Since I only collect certain eeveelution merchandise, and I've pretty much completed wingull, duskull, and shuppet/banette, I decided that it would be a good idea to add a few new pokemon to the mix/obsession. So what's new you ask? Well, I've been collecting some of the newly added pokemon for a while and just never got around to adding them. So the pokemon that got new pages are shuppet, banette, sewaddle, zubat, golbat, crobat, pumpkaboo, and sylveon! =0w0=

I have also updated the list of things I'm waiting to receive.

  • Steelix Mock Pokedoll from Amber_TDD
  • Sewaddle Bento Gachapon - SMJ
  • Sylveon Strap - SMJ
  • Pokedoll Keychains - SMJ
  • I love Marine DX Manaphy - SMJ
  • Manaphy Movie Strap - SMJ
  • Sylveon Motion Gallery Figure - SMJ
  • Litwick Halloween LED - SMJ
  • Spiritomb Restuden Stamp - SMJ
  • Mudkip 10th Anniversary Pokedoll - SMJ
  • Pumpkaboo Can Badge - SMJ
  • Gold & Silver Duskull Coins - SMJ
  • I love Eevee HQ Laying Eevee - SMJ
  • Shiny Rayquaza Charm - SMJ
  • New Eeveelution Stickers - SMJ
  • Pumpkaboo MPC Plush - SMJ
  • Sylveon Ippai Figures - Pkmncollectors
  • !!Steelix In-Case Figure!! - Pkmncollectors
  • Clear Shuppet Kids Figure - Pkmncollectors
  • Sylveon Movie Charm - Pkmncollectors
  • I love Gothic DX Litwick - Animeraro
  • Flareon & Umbreon Friends Figures - Pkmncollectors
  • Sylveon, Pumpkaboo line, & Noibat line charms - Gin
  • Custom Pumpkaboo charm - Pkmncollectors
  • Sylveon Chupa - Pkmncollectors
  • Dunsparce Pully Plush - Pkmncollectors
  • Espeon and Glaceon Friends Figures - Pkmncollectors
  • Sewaddle Wooden Stamp - Pkmncollectors
  • Leafeon & Glaceon Chupas - Pkmncollectors

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