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I collect steelix because it's a more reinforced pile of rocks! :D Like wingull, it doesn't have a lot of merchandise, so when I get something new of steelix or something new comes out, it's just awesome! I feel like it's a good time to start collecting steelix too since not only Jasmine had one, but Byron has one as well. I'm hoping that because Byron and Roark have steelix and onix that they'll both get more promotion in merchandise =^^=

STEELIX BUILDABLE FIGURE I got this in a trade with japax, and I was so intrigued by it even though I'd probably seen it billions of times on yahoo japan. I guess I don't notice things that much when I'm not looking for them =^^;= This figure is one of my favorites mostly because it's a buildable, it's able to rotate in every which way; it's also very convenient for when I need to shift my collection ;D

STEELIX KIDS I picked the regular steelix up from dionashi and the clear one was won in a pricey yahoo japan auction along with a clear onix; it surprises me sometimes that steelix has so many kids figures, but all the more love for steelix ;)

STEELIX ATTACK KIDS The regular kid was one of the unidentified kids in the massive group auction I held to get my clear espeon, and since he was unidentified and I was kinda taken with him, I just decided to keep him =^^= He's pretty awesome! The clear one I recently got in a GA ran by kirara_denksu and it was the last clear steelix that I needed, so I was pretty excited to have knocked that off my list.

STEELIX CLEAR TOMY FIGURE This thing is so cool! I love it to pieces and it's probably one of the prizes of my steelix collection because how hard it is to find certain clear tomys. I have no idea how hard it is to find this one, but I didn't waste any time in getting it when I saw it posted in acidmimi's sales =0w0= I really love this figure so much because its clearness makes it so mesmerizing that sometimes I just stare at it for like 20 minutes with smiles XD [oh yes, I'm aware of my issues hahaha]

STEELIX V-TRAINER PROTOTYPE I got this little guy in a trade with roll_chan89. It reminds me of a kids figure only heavier XD [like you could chuck him at someone and it'd hurt lol] He's all chibi-ized and it makes him flat out cute =>w<=

STEELIX METAL FIGURES I don't know if there are more colors, but I don't think so. There are two silver steelix because one's from yahoo japan and the other came with the rest in a set from [toysdiva] of all places! XD I'd never expected to find them there, but I decided to keep the extra because I just really love the metal figures! =>w<=

STEELIX DOG TAG I was lucky enough to find this from the same seller who sold me my umbreon and espeon dog tags on ebay. I'd just missed it in a sales and wondered about if it was on ebay; so I took a look and found what I was looking for ;D [but after I got it, wouldn't you know it, there was the dog tag in another sales a few days later =TvT= Ah well, makes no difference since I got it anyways =^^= ]

STEELIX POKEMON CENTER CHARM I'm so glad I was able to obtain this guy! He's full of pure awesome! I'm hoping that this charm and the recent kids figure that came out means that there will be more promotion for steelix :D [I WANT A POKEDOLL!! XD ] This charm is very awesome and it's the closest I get to the metal swing keychain that's out there that I have yet to see, [but I know it's out there because fernchu said she's seen it]. Yay more steelix things! =>w<=

STEELIX BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE Now this figure is the most special, in its own way, out of my entire collections, [even the eevees]. Why? Because it was the first ever thing in either of my collections that was a gift! =^^= He came from unknownrevenge and I'd gotten him as a gift because I'd found one of her grail items, [I didn't know it was her grail, I just saw uknown tomy keychains and was like, I know who wants those XD ] She insisted that she give me something in return, but even though I'd said about any nifty onix/steelix/wingull things, I wasn't really expecting to get anything, let alone this figure! Now what's the big deal about this figure you ask? I wasn't sure it even existed =;o;= I came across a picture book of battle museum figures on yahoo japan...but it was puzzling to see a steelix figure in the mix of figures on the front. I'd never ever seen one before and I even took a quick browse around to see if any of the lots of battle museums or pencil toppers contained this mystery steelix. With no luck, I just kind of set my hopes aside for finding him. So when I saw him on hold in unknownrevenge's sales, of course I flipped the hell out XD I checked through all the comments to see who had it on hold, but I didn't see anything and figured that it might have been a hold proposed via lj message. So, I posted in a calm-ish manner ['If that steelix battle museum figure comes off hold, I NEED IT!!!'], and sure enough, she'd put it on hold for me as the promised thank you =;v;= I was so speechless and could hardly believe it until he came in the mail; brand spanking new with his paper and stickers!! =QvQ= He's so very special and I just can't thank unknownrevenge enough for her kindness =;v;=

STEELIX EUROPEAN CANDY FIGURE I'd originally found this figure on another collectors website and was like, 'no way, where'd you get that?!!' XD Thanks to the awesome roll_chan89, I was able to win this european exclusive figure off a finnish auction site. I won him with no troubles, it was mostly a waiting game for me because he was sent out in the holiday rush, so I got him shortly after christmas! =^^= I owe roll_chan so much for him, and he's just another figure that's very precious to me because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get him =^^;= He's so awesome and fits right in my collection with no troubles and I just love him to pieces! <3~ =^^=
STEELIX RETSUDEN STAMP I got this from floroama pokemart and it was actually the first retsuden stamp that I'd gotten =^v^;= I was very surprised to see how tiny it was when I'd gotten it, but that was all the more convenient for me because I'm always running out of space XDD
NEW STEELIX KID It took me forever to get one of these because I hadn't ordered it right away from sunyshore like I should have, so it took quite some time to get it off yahoo japan, but I won! So THERE!! XP
STEELIX TCG COIN I got this one off ebay and although it came from japan, I got it for a pretty decent price =0w0= I was very content in that it's so sparkely and that steelix got more stuff in general =>v<= <3~!
STEELIX GROUNDBREAKERS TFG I had almost given up all hope of ever finding this figure. I'd seen some of the missing groundbreakers on Ebay before, but just not the ones that were missing. I'd always dreamed of how amazing this figure would look if I ever got my hands on it, and when Gin posted auctions with the missing groundbreakers, I was so there. I bid hardcore for this figure that I may never have seen again, and I knew it would set me back pretty hard, but I had to win! I swear, every other bid was me xD and I had to do a payment plan when I won, but it was WORTH IT! This figure is so epicly amazing that I just can't fathom how I won =;w;= [aside from the massive amount of money I put down on this beast xD;; ] I just never thought I'd get this figure ever and Gin was so awesome to super pack this baby up so no harm would come to it. I LOVE THIS FIGURE!! <33~ It is truly deserving of the title Grail.

STEELIX FLATS Steelix battrio and pog both from jadekitty777! I really like the pog, i think I saw it maybe once and just never again lol so yay pog :3
CUSTOM STEELIX FIGURE This was from the same artist that had done my onix custom on deviant art; we'd done a double art trade and I have to say for as big and well crafted as these figures are, it was definitely worth the wait!