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Since espeon is my favorite, I dislike umbreon slightly, but I still love it because like jolteon it's tough and it makes the dark seem a little less scary. So, since I really don't like the dark I do have a soft spot somewhere for umbreon.

UMBREON PENCIL TOPPER This is the umbreon pencil topper and I was very pleased that it was in the same set as the espeon pencil topper, (unlike the battle museum figures). The detail and the uniquely designed base are what make this item so awesome to have in an umbreon collection. If you really love umbreon, and you want just one really nifty thing of it, then this pencil topper is for you!

UMBREON BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE I was so lucky to get this item =0_o;= It was in the most random lot on yahoo japan, and I could see it was an umbreon, but I could tell which one it was. Although, since I didn't know what it was, I'd already purchased a battle museum set with umbreon in it...=TvT;= Ah well, I think I may send the other one away to be custom painted as a shiny umbreon, ( I think it would be awesome use of my double figure and I like shiny umbreon better anyways =>v<= )

UMBREON TOMY KEYCHAIN I was so incredibly lucky to get this thing =0_o= It was the fiercest bid war I've ever been in and won XD It was from jedi_amara's massive sales/auctions and I won for $68. Sadly it's not the most expensive item that I've acquired for my collection, but it is indeed one of the rarest. It's very beautifully crafted by tomy and now I've got all the tomy keychains! I really wish that tomy hadn't skipped jolteon =;_;= but, that's neither here, nor there, the important thing is that I won! XDD My wallet was pretty sore after I won though, but it was worth it!

UMBREON POKEMON TIME STRAP I managed to snag this one off yahoo japan before the craze for the eeveelution pokemon time items started up; thank goodness because it was pretty brutal as more and more of the pokemon time items became scarce in the pokemon centers.

UMBREON BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE SHINEY COLORS Upon getting a double of the umbreon battle museum figure, I've decided that I want to get doubles of a couple of umbreon figures so that I can paint them shiny because I really love umbreon's shiny colors; not to mention umbreon just needs more love period XD So you'll all probably start to see a few shiny umbreon things here and there on this page ;)

UMBREON CHOU GET I've been very patiently waiting to get one of these, and I finally did =TwT= I'd actually purchased it the first day they came out, which is why I didn't partake in the 50 group auctions held to obtain them XD It's very detailed and the images just don't do this cutie justice; it's just one of those things you have to see right there in your hands. I'm very pleased with how the umbreon turned out and it kinda reminds me of a more spiffy version of the chibi stamper =0w0=

UMBREON ATTACK KID NEW VERSION This little guy rocks and he's definitely one of the ones I need a double of to repaint! He seems smaller than the other versions, but oh well ;) Mini umbreons are cuties too. It seems to me like as you look at umbreon kids from oldest to newest, that they keep getting smaller and smaller, yet more awesome? XDD I dunno, but I really like this new umbreon kid as opposed to the new espeon kid, [no offense to my beloved favorite =>A<;= this one just looks more awesome]

UMBREON TOMY FIGURE Yaaaaaaaaaaayy~I need another to repaint =QvQ= I can't wait XD

UMBREON CHUPPA SURPRISE I was severely lucky to get this one for just 700 yen on yahoo japan after we'd seen the first few go for like 4500 yen XD;; I could hardly believe it that I'd won it for that cheap myself lol, but I did and this figure is so full of epic that I really do love it. I think as far as umbreon figures go it's definitely in the top two if not a tie for first. I just really love it!! =>w<=

UMBREON CANVAS PLUSH This plush was certainly a different experience for me because I was disappointed, yet I was surprised? XDD I couldn't help it because I really loved the embroidered eyes, but I just didn't care for the way they'd styled the face or umbreon's rings on the ears and tail. I'm really kinda 50/50 about it, but whatevs.

UMBREON PATCH I wanna say that these patches came from the pokemon center, but I'm not sure. I had originally bought this patch from sunyshore, but I think the post office ate it :\ So I was really lucky to stumble upon it again on y!j =0w0=