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Vaporeon Collection

Vaporeon is my favorite first generation eeveelution. It was actually the first eeveelution I started collecting stuff of starting with a sticker.

VAPOREON STICKER This sticker was the first thing of vaporeon that I'd bought. I actually had it kept away and had forgotten about it until I was looking at some stickers from someone else's collection. Then I tore apart my room and finally found it in a box under my bed within a card protector XD

VAPOREON MARBLE This came from zenity. It wasn't pictured, but mentioned, and I'm not sure if I gave a decent offer or not since I've never seen these marbles by themselves, but I can imagine it was an okay offer. It's very pretty and it's one of the more fascinating things in my collection to me.

VAPOREON/EEVEE KEYCHAIN This came from iridescentfox and was kinda pricy, but then again, it's an item that's hard to come by. Still, it's very tiny and cute =^^=

VAPOREON MEIJI WOODEN KEYCHAIN This came from iridescentfox and it's a lot smoother than I expected for a wooden keychain, but I must say that it's adorable.

VAPOREON BURGER KING CARD This card came out when the first pokemon movie hit the US, and I ate lots of burger king, (well, as much as my mother was willing to let me), and still never got that card. They had it on display and I was so tempted to ask if I could just have it XD but, I never did and I had good luck in finding it from artikgato. It was shipped really quick and is in great condition. I'm happy that all my burger king eating was not wasted =>v<=

CLEAR VAPOREON STADIUM FIGURE This figure is my favorite out of all the eeveelution stadium figures! I love this thing to death and wanted from the moment I saw it, but I'd always been a tad late to get my hands on it. So, when I found it horribly mis-labeled on yahoo japan, I freaked out because I got it for only 10 yen! It was labeled "pokemon mini clear" and no one ever found it; I was so giddy and even more so when I'd actually gotten it in the mail. I loves it to pieces! =>w<=

VAPOREON STADIUM FIGURE This vaporeon stadium figure I also admire very much, although I'd had one that was pretty battered, I was able to obtain one mint in package and am glad to have it in my collection =^^= EDIT: Later obtained mint in package of this figure.

VAPOREON METAL SWING KEYCHAIN The vaporeon metal swing keychain is extremely hard to get a hold of considering it's roughly 7 years old. The metal swing keychains are hard to come by as is; I assume that both the first generation and second generation of pokemon were made into metal swing keychains, but I'm not certain because I don't see the second gen keychains as much, (although I do see a few here and there). I also found the eevee one, which leads me to believe that there may be a jolteon, and flareon out there somewhere. I think there's also an espeon and umbreon one too. Again, I'm not entirely certain, but if they exist I would want them. Right now, I'm just glad I was able to get the ones I've got. This keychain in particular came from kefanii =^^=

VAPOREON RED RUBBER STAMPER This stamp is a united states product. It was manufactured by roseart somewhere in the 1995 - 1999 range I believe. Usually the stamps came with a plastic art container of ash or pikachu, and a roseart stamp pad. Only the first 150 were manufactured, (which is a shame, because espeon is my favorite =TvT;=), but no matter, they're still nifty little knick-knacks that I like and am glad to have in my collection. I bought this in a set on ebay with a simple search of pokemon stamp.

VAPOREON STICKER This sticker came on an united states manufactured sheet, it was the only eeveelution on the set, and I'm not sure if it came in the roseart set with the stamps, or not, but I do like it. So I took it off the sheet and stuck it to some cardboard that I neatly cut out around the outline of the sticker. It's been taped to my shelf like several other flat items.

VAPOREON TOMY KEYCHAIN I found it on yahoo japan, it looked like it was in horrible condition from the picture and when I got it, it didn't look as bad as I was expecting. So, it's got some paint scratches and it's got a scratch or two, but other than that, it's fine. I love it just as much as I would a brand new one =^^=

VAPOREON ATTACK KID I don't really care for some of the older kids, but this one was what really started to peak my interest for collecting kids figures. This one came from dionashi and it's so adorable with it's unique pouncing pose =^^=

VAPOREON MINI SKATEBOARD I haven't seen it for sale since I saw it in the stores many years ago. I was sick of waiting for it to pop up on ebay, so I did a google search one morning for vaporeon skateboard and this small random site called popped up. It wasn't very expensive, so I thought, what the hell; why not right? So, about a week or so after I ordered, I'd gotten a partial refund which scared the crap out of me. I was like is something wrong with my order?! I frantically emailed their customer service and waited. I hadn't heard anything, but it came in the mail just fine like the next day XDD It's an awesome little item for all the fuss it caused =^^;=

VAPOREON TOMY NEWER I got this from a group auction that I ran, and from the time I first saw it, I was always in awe because you almost never see a nicely detailed figure of vaporeon standing! This tomy was an amazing get for me and I'll always love it to pieces =>w<=

VAPOREON MINI MODELS Most of these came from an auction on yahoo japan, but the two metallic colors came from intense bidwars. The metallic green came from an auction held by juumou and the gold came from an auction held by skdarkdragon. Both fetched a hefty price, but they're so kickass and shiny that it doesn't matter =>w<= I believe that I just need the purple one, unless there is another metallic color or two that I'm missing.

VAPOREON MINICOT I got this minicot in a massive lot of figures on y!j. It was a bit of a bid war and the lot was expensive, but it was worth it because this was the last eeveelution minicot I needed to complete my set! =>w<= Not to mention it's just flat out adorable!

VAPOREON CANVAS PLUSH I'm pretty sure this canvas plush came from y!j and I got it before it was ungodly expensive shortly after they came out. I was a little unhappy with vaporeon just because the tail was sewn to the body :\ Seriously, what's wrong with letting it go? Despite that, it's still a very cute plush =^^=

VAPOREON RUBBER STADIUM FIGURE I don't remember where I got this one, but I wanna say that it came from a community sales post. If only I could find the matching flareon, that would be awesome =;v;=

VAPOREON BATTLE PENCIL EXTENSION This is the battle pencil extionsion for the eevee battle pencil. I really liked vaporeon because the shade of blue they used was really pretty on the plastic =0w0=