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Well, I actually decided to collect wingull upon seeing the jakks plush in my local toys'r'us; I was just so taken with him, that I had to buy him. Not to mention the episode wingull stars in under the ownership of Mr. Briney; that episode was just one of my absolute favorites. Wingull is just too stinking adorable not to collect!

WINGULL JAKKS PLUSH This plush started it all. I saw him at toys'r'us and was just so compeled to buy him because of the cute softness. I had actually went home after first spotting it, but a week went by and I just couldn't take it! So, I went back to toys'r'us and finally bought him. Upon going to target the same day, I saw him for a lower price and was tempted again, but did not purchase him because I'd already had one. [I did later purchase him for a friend's birthday present though ;)]

WINGULL ZUKAN I was kind of weary of getting the wingull zukan because that would mean getting a pelipper too, [I'm just not a fan of pelipper], but luckily a friend of mine likes pelipper! Upon hearing so, I purchased the zukan pictured from captkirby and since my friend didn't have a base, I ordered a second zukan from sorcererhuntres so that both of us could have one and double the pokemon we like =^^= I also won a spare wingull zukan piece in a group of figures on yahoo japan auctions. So, I decided to paint that one shiny. =0w0= I said I'd update when I got my third wingull zukan piece, but upon seeing another loose piece in kyogres sales, I just could help myself. =^~^;= Now you all can see that there's a blank space on that zukan base of mine...I NEED A FIFTH!! [Yeah, I don't know what my obsession is with needing so many wingulls XD Maybe it's because I don't want them to feel lonely? Or do I just feel the need to have a flock? XD Who knows, I just know I NEED them lol]

WINGULL KID This little bugger was quite hard to track down actually. I would see it in some sales and go to buy it only to find someone had snatched it up already XD;; After missing it several times, I finally was able to purchase it from japax, but the really funny thing about the kids figures is that I ordered this one after winning the clear kid in a group auction; now here's why it's just plain funny: I'd won the clear kid a month or two before I order this one, yet this kid still came in the mail to me first XD I feel like there was some kind of law out there that says, 'no! you can't have the clear kid before the regular kid; it's unheard of!' hahahaa oh well =^^;= Maybe some day I'll defy that law =0v0=

WINGULL CLEAR KID I won this wingull in a group auction run by tamago226. For some reason, it took forever to get, I don't recall why, but I'm glad to have gotten it in any case. It's not important when it comes for me, it's just important that it comes =^^= The clear kid is really nifty looking and it's probably one of my favorite things out of my wingull collection. I do notice that there just isn't a lot of wingull merchandise out there, so the unique things really make me happy =^^=

WINGULL CHOU GET Holy crap does this thing have a story. Upon finding what group of chou gets this figure was in, I was struck with that kind of despair that screams "WHY?!!...why..." because the set it was in was priced at either $40 or $60 on yahoo japan. Now, I'd seen one that was on ebay overseas and had asked the seller what shipping would be since the figure was only $1.26 or something, and they said that it was like $13 or something to ship this bitty figure to the US...I was like, that's a lie D:< I thought of holding a group auction, but I just really procrastinated on getting this figure. One day it paid off when I was browsing through community shops and had found it in lightning kitty sales! I was like haha, they must have bought the set for the dialga...haha...MINE!! I got it for just over $5 I believe =TvT= I was so happy that I waited, and it so paid off.

WINGULL POKEDEX FIGURE I won this one off yahoo japan. I don't think that I had any opposing bids, but it's strikingly identical to the chou get; the difference is the paint, it's slightly lighter in color. I would assume that's because the pokedex figure is older, but I'm not certain. I managed to win a spare pokedex figure in the same lot the spare wingull zukan piece came in. It also was painted shiny =^^=

WINGULL BANPRESTO PLUSH This is the only official wingull plush made in japan. It was kinda pricey, but that's probably because I'm not used to buying plush at all XD He was purchased from shibahara and he's full of awesome win!

WINGULL MEGABLOK This blok is one of the last things I'd expected to receive in my big smj box. I'd won a massive lot of megabloks for 500 yen; I'd spotted four eeveelutions and that was enough for me XD but they were all piled on top of each other so I wasn't sure what all was present. I wasn't able to see if the other eeveelutions were in there...or if wingull was there. So when I'd gotten the box and found this blok present, I was just ecstatic =>w<=

WINGULL POKEDEX FIGURE SHINY The repainted pokedex figure; I stared at my pokedex figure, chou get, and this one for quite some time before ruling it a pokedex figure. It matched the pokedex figure more than the chou get, and both of my original chou get and pokedex figure were mint in package. So, it was easy to compare them without too much question aside from the fact that they're practically identical XD That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

WINGULL JAKKS POKEBALL THROW PLUSH This little guy was what started the big trade between me and lawlietxlight. I could find this cutie anywhere in the stores, or anywhere online except for in a set of three that cost an arm and a leg which I would not be able to get my monies worth back selling. So yeahhhh...lawlie was kind enough to get him for me =0w0= upon opening the package she noticed he had a spot on his wing that was blocked off by the packaging and I was like, man...jakks just doesn't like wingull XD She'd felt bad that there was a stain on his wing, but I told her not to worry about it. When I got him in the mail, the first thing I did was attempt to get the stain out...little did I know it would be a piece of cake! =0_o;= That's right, upon my first attempt, the stain came out as soon as I lathered up the soap!! I was like, well, let's be glad it wasn't harder XD I flew him around my house so his wing could dry :D [My parents so thought I was on crack XDD;; ]

WINGULL JAKKS FIGURE I was very lucky to get this little guy, and I must say that when he came in the mail, I must have fiddled with his articulated wings for hours XD I'm sure fernchu thought I was such a nutjob because I was still playing with him while talking to her on AIM lol WUT?! I couldn't help it! D:

WINGULL METAL FIGURES These things are just the most awesome out of my wingull collection because they're the most unique! The lot I was bidding on sky-rocketed and I lost, but to a crescent shop bidder, so there was hope. I'd saved the pictures and posted the wingulls on my wants list hoping that the bidder might come forth and say heyyyy, about those wingulls...XD A few collection updates with no responses, and it was looking pretty darn bleak. Then one day, I got a message from lawlietxlight and how she said that she'd won a lot with metal figures in it that might have contained some wingull. She hadn't any pictures of the lot because the seller had taken them down right away. I was unsure, but as time went on, I was more and more convinced that she was my mysterious crescent shop bidder. Pictures confirmed it when she'd finally received the lot; I'd felt so relieved! So these little guys were part of our trade as well and usually when you get a lot of metal figures, you get one or two of the same pokemon...but this lot, there wasn't just two...there was seven! Seven awesome little birdies!! =>v<= They're all so cute, and I love them very very much =>w<=

WINGULL ACTION FLIPZ I'd gotten this in a sales post and I was a bit weary of buying it because I just don't like pelipper all that much =0~0;= I wish it had been more like my onix action flip with two pictures of wingull instead, but beggars can't be choosers right?

WINGULL PAPER CRAFT I got this in floroama pokemart and like many other people, I thought I might rip it in the process of putting it together XD; but I did not, and I'm very surprised that it survived my move into my apartment in a box full of metal and tiny figures =0_o;= don't ask me how I pulled that one off, but I did somehow XDD

WINGULL CLEARFILE These things are simply the best flats besides really awesome stickers! I believe I got this in the same sales as the action flip; perhaps from rentorar? =0.0=

WINGULL KATAKANA PIECE With the symbol for "ki" since it's japanese name spelling is kyamome, which if you break down kya it's spelled with the "ki" and "ya" symbols, which is why the piece features "ki". Yeah, I'm studying hard, but I can only do so in understanding japanese =-v-;= but these pieces I think would help me memorize katakana and hirigana if I was a young girl since these are like flash cards.

WINGULL POG I got this from wandaromance and it had been sitting in her sales for some time, but I finally got it since I'd ordered several things from her sales that time =0w0=

WINGULL WAPS I got this courteous of roll_chan89 for being my middle woman once again on It was in a set and I was quite content to have found one that was green =>w<= Like you guys wouldn't know why it's so important that things are green by now right? XD;;;

WINGULL MARBLE HAH!! This thing took me forever to get and it's all because the only set in came was a set of 40 marbles!! I could not find this thing seperate for the life of me and at last I have it because someone put it up in a sales post. After I'd bought it and paid for it, they had sent me a message that almost gave me a heart attack before I'd read it because I thought there was soemthing wrong, like they couldn't find it or something. They'd just messaged me to ask if I'd still wanted it because it had a slight smudge on the one wing and I was like '.............YES I STILL WANT!!' =0_0= It's that ungodly hard to find all by itself or in a small group. I didn't care, it had taken me forever to track down and I just wanted it! lol

WINGULL RETSUDEN STAMP This is the most recent retsuden stamp that I've recieved, and I must say it's got a bit of a tale to go with it. I'd spotted it on mbok for some time, and although I was too chicken to bid, the irony was that my good friend fernchu was the one who'd won it! She was kind enough to give it to me, and for one reason or another her mailing dates were delayed, and then delayed some more XD but it didn't matter to me, because I knew she'd eventually send it to me; I didn't know how long I'd be waiting to see it, [like 8 months maybe?], but I was ever so determined to wait for it in the mail! It's also the first collection item that I've gotten at my new address! It's ever so special to me =^^= and I loves it very much, THANK YOU JOANNA!!

WINGULL BATTLE PENCIL I was so exicited to find this! I didn't even know third gen had gotten a line of battle pencils =0v0= Not to mention, it's my favorite color/wingulls shiny colors =>w<= Came from y!j

WINGULL CANDY TIN This came from y!j and I didn't know that these candy tins had a different evolution on either side because I'd always seen the tin on the pelipper side. I don't really care for pelipper so I just wasn't interested and one day browsing, I caught an eye of the tin wingull side up so I bought it =^^=

WINGULL KRAK Finally! I found this in a small affordable lot on ebay =;v;= It's the last official merch that I needed for my collection. I dare say that I've got all the wingull merch there is out there ;D [with the exception of some stickers and cards] yay! It's so sparkly and pretty =>w<=

WINGULL BATTRIO battrio from jadekitty777! It's kinda sad wingull only got one, but I can totally understand the logic/I don't need wingull to have more than one xD;;

WINGULL POKEMON CENTER CHARM [2012] =;w;= It's so adorable, aside from shuppet, this charm is totally the cutest out of the bunch I ordered! It's been so long since I've seen something new come out for wingull! This charm completes my wingull collection =;w;= [I do believe there isn't anything wingull I don't have, with the exception of flats.]

SHINY WINGULL BELL PLUSH I'm sure you all knew it was only a matter of time before I got into doing customs for myself XDD This is the first custom that I really like for my own personal wingull collection. He's very cute, but of course my mom didn't think so when I'd first completed him as I jingled him around her general vicinity, invading her personal space and what not XDD Either way, I like him because he's green! =>w<= and I can't wait to finish his twin. Yup, you guessed it; there will be two wingull bell plush: one shiny and one regular. I have the materials for the regular wingull bell plush all set to go, so when I have the time, I'll get him done ;)

CUSTOM WINGULL STAMP This was the first custom I'd ordered from an artist on the community. I'd submitted my art for them to use, that's why it's super cute *shot* XD;;;

SHINY WINGULL CUSTOM PILLOW PLUSH This plush was an art trade with amber_tdd. It's really cute and I'm glad she was able to make the pillow so happy looking =^^=

WINGULL SHINY/REGULAR COLORS CLAY CHARMS Part of an art trade with Jade =0w0= she added little beads to these charms and they turned out really cute! I just love all the really intricate details she put into these! <33~

WINGULL BELL PLUSH After starring at this plush for like a year in a half almost all the way done, [all put together and just strings hanging from it everywhere], I finally took the time to pull all the strings through and make it look done XD It's cute and now it doesn't have to look like a tard next to it's shiny colors buddy lol

SHINY WINGULL JAKKS PLUSH I embarked on a project on 12/30/2011 to make one of my two jakks wingulls shiny colors. In 2009 I purchased an extra wingull jakks plush from someone on the comm and I was really hoping that I could get one of the people who knew plush well to accomplish this goal of making my spare jakks wingull shiny colors. Unfortunately, none of the plush makers I'd seen around were terribly interested in the project =TvT;= I thought maybe if I bought fabric and had the supplies all ready to go for them it would be all that much easier of a project, so I bought the fabric around july 2011.
After asking around, it still seemed like no one really wanted this more than me, so I gathered up my courage, prayed I wouldn't F this up, and began seam ripping at the blue stripes on my wingull about october 2011. I had such a hard time with the seam ripping that I set it aside with one wing missing its stripe and looking pretty sorry.
On the night of 12/30/2011, I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to pick him back up. After many hours of griping and stabbing my fingers accidentally and screwing up occasionally, I finished...he was complete on 12/31/2011!
Look at him, I just...I can't...I'm gonna cry he's so precious =;w;= Special thanks to AmberTDD, Broken_chan, and Jadekitty777 for listening me whine about this the whole way and how much I detest sewing as it is not my forte xDD;; After all the wanting of this to happen, it finally has, just not as I expected it to xD