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Age: 20

DOB: February 17th, 1988

Height: 5'8"

Weight: ...Well I'M not posting if no one ELSE will... HMMPH!!

Works: Writer of "Time Machine", "Prodigy;" co-writer of "Empty City."


Hullo all. My name is Stephen Barry Francis Furlong Xelphin Venuis Audrin Thespian Yanos Mordrid von Lucius Hessius Vorador Sweitzer Veneezer Heseroth of Nagel... (and I think there's some more in there...) In any case, I grew up in Staten Island, NY: borough of the underdog, home of the "Guido," site of the grandest folly of mankind (our garbage dump), stomping grounds for the mafia (they work in the city... they live in SI), and proud to showcase perhaps THE most unique perspective of our shining city yonder the bay. We may make fun of it a lot, but in truth, I'm proud of where I live. I think that in the urban vs. rural sense, it provides me with full vantage to say, "I've grown up with the best of both worlds."

.....That, and also it's a laugh riot... (After all, who can argue when you awake to read your morning paper, only to find that the Borough President's very own grandson has provided the PRICELESS headline: "YO! I jUsT sHoT sUm kId!"

But anywhoo, as far as hobbies, I might be considered musically obsessive. I'm familiar with a lot of bands, and my tastes are pretty eclectic. However, I don't know everything, so if anyone's got some good abstract bands in their libraries, feel free to run them by me--I'm always out for new stuff. And if I really like them, you'll receive many-a sincere praise and thank you.

On the literary field, I write occasionally. Not so often these days because of schoolwork and a re-burgeoning desire to attend the piano room religiously. Oh that's right, I play the piano, and am currently working on a Polonaise that WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKIN' MIND!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Well... if I ever finish it, that is.

Yes, it's true, I procrastinate a lot, but I'll endeavor to make an exception for this website. I am happy to write for "Empty City" and provide some helpful ideas and plotlines - (I'll provide more details on that in the near future.) I also hope you all enjoy "Prodigy," my own piece of writing, featuring the incredible tale of a young musician's fantastic aspirations. It began as random off-the-wall prose, until I felt the prologue was decent enough to submit to my school magazing (on which, I was an editor... which helps :-D)

Now I, myself, am by no means a piano prodigy, but in what I DO know and CAN play, I'm told I'm pretty damn good... with at least enough knowledge to consider the costs of what a true prodigy must incur. Passion is a measure of degree... and in its excess, with the absence of humility, there lies only one question: What else matters?

Feel free to contact me at I'll be happy to answer any questions or comments.




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