Zandra Almaria

  • Race: Elf
  • Weapon: Long Bow
  • Melee Weapon: Dagger
  • Mother: Iris Almaria
  • Father: Kinnel Almaria
  • Master: Gurrick Lythedyn


    From a very young age, Zandra was unsufficient at learning magic. Her family was prestigious and well know for its strong line of magic users. Lack of magical talent led to family bickering often. Shortly after starting her lessons in magic use, while she was still very young, a war broke out between elves and drows. The war was short and in the favor of the drows. Many elves lost their lives including Zandra’s parents. After loosing her parents, a friend of the family and also a weapon master, Gurrick, took her in as his own and taught her battle tactics and weapon forgery. As a final test of his teachings, Gurrick sent Zandra to get a list of specific items that would make excellent raw materials for crafting long bows.

    As a young elf of the newer generation, Zandra is not entirely exposed to the racism and customs of her previous generation. By nature, she is still a little cross about some races, and first impressions are very important for her.

    Her master, Gurrick, never had a mate, and was always considered a little crazy by the other elves inhabiting the village. Although he was part of the older generation of elves, he never expressed a terrible amount of racism like most from his generation. His knowledge is very worldly and it’s part of the reason that he sends Zandra to find so many different items.