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These are the frequently asked questions about my customs.

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Just be aware that I'm more often on cityblackout@yahoo.com.

These are links that you can check out my other activities.

The livejournal community that I'm a member of where most of my business comes from. It is filled with many friends and people who love collecting not only official merchandise, but custom merchandise as well.

Eeveelution Collections
My personal collection website. Everything that I've collected has a story to tell and it's all here on this website. My collections serve great purpose in that they can be reference for an order or they're just awesome to have. I love them dearly, as not everyone does, and that's all that matters: that I love them. If others love them too, cool.

C.I. Works
My other personal website that I host a few webcomics I'm working on. I've had this site for ages, it was the first I'd made, and although it's gone through many changes, it's still the same old site that holds my webcomic.

I don't update often on my livejournal unless something really upseting goes down and I need to let my customers know. So if it's been a couple of months after you made your second payment, maybe look here? It is a journal though so I have some personal rants there as well, but it's not friend locked so everyone can view it.

All my commissions and crocheted plush are posted here on my DA before they're linked here on my website, so if you're looking for you plush on this site and you don't see it, perhaps check out my DA because it might be there before it's here ;)

I post plush progress shots here on my tumblr.

I have an etsy as well. There are extra plush I have to sell in the shop here.

.:*:. F.A.Q.s .:*:.

How do your customs work?
Generally, I take a certain number of slots, anywhere from five to seven orders. I go in order, one slot at a time, but I may have art trades or presents that I'm working on at the same time which can slow down progress from time to time depending on how my work schedule looks.

How long do your customs take you?
It usually takes me 15 days if work is minimal. The longest period of time I've spent on a plush is 3 months. Why so long? Because it can be complicated, and I freelance without a pattern unless I've made that specific pokemon before.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes I do. My motto is that if you're willing to pay for shipping, then your money is just as good!

What payment methods do you take?
I prefer paypal, but no gifts as they can cause your paypal account to be frozen if you acquire too many. If perhaps you do not have a paypal/do not trust it, contact me and we can work something out for a money order or concealed cash.

Do you take payment plans?
YES! If it's for a really detailed custom that's a bit pricey or if your money is just tight, I'm certain we could work something out. ;)

How many payments are there?
There are two payments.

  • 1. The first payment is for the plush itself. When I accept your commission, I will ask for this fee and if it is not paid within three days of my asking for it, I will put a hold on your plush and move on to the next slot. You will be notified when I start your plush. THIS FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE PAYPAL FEES!
  • 2. The second payment is for the paypal fees and for shipping. This means that any paypal fees that I have skipped through in the first payment is added to the shipping. I do this so that the payments are a little easier on the customer. Every penny counts and you may not get out of the paypal fees!

    How will I know when you've started my plush?
    When I message you and say that I have started your plush.

    What if I didn't make my first payment in time? What happens with my plush?
    If you missed the first payment deadline, and I moved onto the next plush slot, you must wait for me to finish the slot I'm working on till I pick your plush back up to be finished.

    What if it's been a while since I was able to get your notification[s] about the first payment?
    If I cannot get a hold of you within a week of your missing the 3 day deadline of the first payment, then your slot will be canceled. [This means 7 days from the 3rd day mark; if your 3 day mark was from the 1st-3rd, then you have till the 10th before your slot is canceled.] I know that seems a bit rough, but I can't have further delays than I already do with my busy schedule. If you'd really like your slot back, you may re-apply for one when they are open again or I can put you at the bottom of the current list.

    Is all you crochet Pokemon?
    No. I have other examples, but most of them are pokemon as they receive more business than other topics. I also offer baby blankets and scarves.

    Can you crochet people?
    This question used to be answered no and that was only because I hadn't been able to find any skintone type yarn. I have found some though and will be able to do people in the future if anyone is interested.

    You said you were done with my plush, but I don't see any images in either of your galleries, how come?
    Sometime I have the images, and sometimes I do not. I don't always have time to get the images up before I ship you your plush, but I do try my best to get you an image of the final product before I ship it out as a rule of thumb.

    Can I order any pokemon or thing?
    Any pokemon or thing your heart desires. If you're willing to pay the price for the detail, it's all yours.

    What's a general range for your pricing?
    Plush: The plush themselves range from $20 to $60.
    Shipping & Fees: The shipping plus fees usually ends up being around $3 to $5. This may vary for international shipping which can be closer to $8 to $15.

    It's been like two months, where is my plush?
    Please be patient! I might be having trouble making the pattern, or adjusting an old pattern. Some plush take 24 hours, [most are supposed to be 3 to 9 hours]. There are also unexpected events in life that I cannot account for sometimes, so please, if you don't have it in a reasonable time frame, I promise you that I AM WORKING ON IT!

    What if I don't like one of your terms?
    They aren't negotiable. There are other people that would love your slot that agree to my terms. I put these terms up so that I have an easy time with my orders, and that you are informed of how the process of your plush goes. They are there for both my convenience and yours!

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