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- A Shop: COMING SOON! Mini plush ;D These bitty plush will be made with embroidery thread and one of the smallest hook sizes I own!
- Gallery: The gallery is up to date with current projects! Round 9 and Round 10 images have been uploaded!
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.:*:. Scarlet Piano Wires Customs .:*:.

Welcome to ScarletPianoWires Customs. Some of you may know my customs through deviantart, or you may know them through the pkmncollectors community on livejournal, or some of you may know them from seeing progress in person. The reason I developed this website is so that anyone and everyone can view these customs without worry about viruses from deviantart. I know it has a tendancy to spit them out at people every so often, [I've been subject to it as well], but this site is to reassure visitors who are weary of that. I'd like my customers, future customers, and friends alike to feel secure when looking just to look or perhaps to buy. So, everyone who's watching, enjoy your stay here, and I hope you spread it around.

.:*:. ABOUT ME.:*:.

I'm sure you're all wondering the same question when you all look at these custom crochet works of mine: how does she do that?! I can tell you that it hasn't been easy, like any craft or project, it takes time and dedication. I'd first been introduced to crochet by being exposed to it at the very early age of about seven; both my mother and my memaw, [grandmother], would crochet like there was no tomorrow in front of the television. They would sit and make these wonderful blankets that were full of color, warm, and intricate with their different stitches. I thought it was just so amazing that anyone could make something so lovely with a bunch of yarn.

My mewmaw had started me on some simple stitches when I was seven or eight because I'd wanted to make a blanket for my mom. It didn't quite turn out that way, but somehow I'd made it a small basket, [probably because my memaw didn't tell me how to turn and I kind of just kept going], and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a blanket, but none the less, I'd given it to my mom because she had no idea it was supposed to be a blanket and if I'd told her it was a basket, she'd definitely buy that since that is indeed what it looked like. She was proud that I'd been able to make it regardless of whether it was supposed to be a blanket or a basket.

A couple of years down the road, when I was about twelve, I'd begged my mom to teach me properly how to crochet. She was a bit reluctant because she didn't think I would stick to it and that I'd waste yarn, but as time went on, I still had a facination and drive to learn more about crochet. I practiced on and off through the years and in fall of 2008, I'd seen a little crocheted kitten on deviantart. It was precious and I was like how did they do that? Maybe I can do that too.

So I'd first made a kitten that was just this little hand held plush. Then I tackled something a little more difficult, an espeon plush that was fairly large in comparison to the kitten. I'd wondered if anyone else had done pokemon crochet plush, and I'd found some astounding works that were just really inspiring. I'd decided to do customs on the pkmncollectors community to see if anyone was interested, and much to my surprise all my slots were filled. So, that's how it started; little by little I'd learn a new stitch here and there to fit an order, and just always think of more ways than one how I could stitch a part for a certain project. It was so much fun and rewarding to see the end result and how happy my customers were with their plush.

Some people say for the time that I put into these plush, I should be charging $50 and up, but I just don't think that's fair to some of my fans. So I try my best to work out a price and terms that everyone can be happy with. After all, I don't need to make a living off of my hobby, but spending money here and there is always nice. Again, the greatest reward of these commissions is the smiles and joy I get from my customers.

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